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steppek77 Rank 15
Rank 15

I read in a Dutch gamblingforum that Unibet Casino is giving their loyal players Cashback-Bonuses on Mondays.

But I have never heard about this, and haven`t got any Cashback-Bonus from Unibet on Mondays. Even I deposit and play a lot every week in the casino. Is it only for spesific countries?

Community Manager
Community Manager

@steppek77 Thanks a lot for the PM linking to the forum in question. I don't have information that we're doing this for any specific country. Dutch customers use www.unibet.eu and there are three different casino promotions running at this time, unfortunately none of them about cashback: https://www.unibet.eu/promotions/casino-promotions. If the administrator of the forum in question has other information about deals pertaining to their members or the like, the best I can do is refer to that administrator for answers., as it's promotional information I don't have Sad


Reinrebane Rank 10
Rank 10
Bigfreechiplist or something like that have a lot fail promotions...