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Lavery69 New member
New member

Immortal Gulid has crashed on me and won't credit the money I won ?? 

Hi @Lavery69, welcome to the Communty Smile
Sorry to hear about the issue regarding "Immortal Gulid", is the game still frozen? In case of a stuck round or a stuck Bonus Round we would need a bit more information in order to investigate:
Firstly I'd like to ask you to delete cookies and cache and try at least another browser to re launch the game if it seems that is stuck. Usually this solves the issue and the Bonus Round continues.
Generally speaking, if an error happens and you are disconnected in the middle of a round, the game continues until the round is concluded, I am 100% sure if it was only a disconnection then any possible winnings were added to your account regardless if you were able to see it or not due to a disconnection or browser error. We can investigate further though if you would like us to, but in order to do so we would need a screenshot of the error (If possible), and an exact time or round ID when the error happened (this information is available to you in the history of your account). Leave this info below in a comment and we'll be sure to have a closer look at it.