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unable to place bets on desktop version

Dear team


I've been trying to place some bets on the desktop version, but it seems that it's no longer possible.

When I click on sports > bets > home / betting history, nothing seems to happen. On the app it is possible, but to me

the desktop version is more user friendly since everything is larger to consult. I tried to change browser, but I have the same problem on Google Chrome / Internet Explorer / Mozilla Firerfox. In conclusion, I can't select any sports in order to place bets. Can this bug be fixed, so I can place bets again on the desktop version?

Please find attached the error.


Thank you in advance.


Best regards



Verzonden vanuit Outlookunibet error.JPG
Community Manager
Status changed to: Needs Info

@Matti_Boss1 The menu works perfectly fine when I try, is it possible you might have a flash update or the like needing to be done?

Community Manager
Status changed to: Fixed