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unable to open poker client on PC

Hello I am unable to open up the poker client on my laptop ...this message comes up when i try...my internet is working fine for everything else apart from unibet. i have tried unistalling and installing several times 


unibet poker client.PNG

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Did you check your firewall ? Try to turn it off.

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Is mobile version work? Link


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Status changed to: Investigating

@alx99, welcome to the community. Sorry to hear you're having issues! I believe this is firewall/antivirus software related. You can test this by disabling it and then try to open the client again - remember to enable it again right after. If the client works with the firewall disabled, you should whitelist the client. 

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Status changed to: Fixed

As I can see successful logins after this report, I assume the above worked and will mark it as fixed Smile