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poker replayer shows hexapro in title bar

When I open replayer for a MTT from the history tab the window title bar has correct buyin amount and the word Hexapro showing for about two seconds, which then changes to the normal MTT info. I was going to try to catch it on a screenshot but my tournament history isn't showing the rewind button again, so I cannot open replayer tables.


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@EatMoreNaga  this happens almost every time when MTTs and hexapros are played during the same session. No big problem, as the correct title appears almost immediately. Here is a screenshot:


However when I opened decided to review few hands from the Asteroid tourney the Hexapro title didn't change. Also instead of the buy-in number coresponding to the actual MTT it displayed €0 Hexapro:

0 HexaPro 11.png0 HexaPro 2.png

 I think although not a serious bug, it's very easy to reproduce... @Stubbe-Unibet  I wanted to attach the saved log file here, but don't know how.