lobby/ search and minor "bugs"

"minor" bugs when playing poker about the list of tournaments.

- When searching for a specific keywords:  if i select one of the tournament in search results, go into its lobby and go back, my search has disappeared and i need to enter that keyword for the search again (very annoying when trying to select all the uk tournaments lobby i want to play for example).  The search keyword should be remembered until cancelled (like the filters do)

- when i register to a tournament, there is the little green "v" associated with it in the buy-in column.  When client crashes and i return, all the "v" disappeared and i have to click all the tournaments i registered before for the "v" to appear again.  When registering multiple tournaments, its annoying to have to verify again all the ones i chose.

- in the general lobby, under the banner "my tournament tickets" :  there is no rules as to what is listed in what order there.  Its neither organised by date, nor by type of tournament, nor by buy in: it appears totally random.  So, you have to scroll the whole list of tickets to see which ones are coming to expiry, or to find a specific one as they are not grouped. (very fun to do when having 70+tickets).  I suggest to organise them by date with the closest to expire first.

- in each lobby for a tournament, it should be specified somewhere if it is a 6 or 9-handed tournament.   It is sometimes mentioned in the description but not most of time.  There needs to be a mention somewhere in the lobby, similar to "buy-in", "starts in", "regular prize pool", etc...

- in lobby of a specific tournament:  sometimes the scroll doesn't work in the list of players, sometimes it"s the sidebar that doesn't work to scroll in the list.

- when registering to a tournament with a password:  you type the password but pushing "enter" does nothing. You specifically have to click the green " v" to be able to confirm your registration.  It should work just by pushing "enter"

- there should be a shortcut to "profile" in the general lobby of all tournaments so that you can quickly check if you have tickets for a specific tournament without clicking 5 different places to be able to see it.

- when logged in the client for a while (generally 2+ hours), the general lobby of tournaments becomes black and you can't get the list of tournaments anymore. You have to restart the client to be able to see it again.

- tournaments happening in  1 hour show "1 min" instead of "1 hrs 1 min" 


- not really a bug: in the column of players, it used to show 9/15. Now it only shows the number of players still in the tournament. you have to go into the lobby of the tournament to see the total number of players.

That's it for now


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+1 to most Smile

Lobby blackouts seems more frequent during peak times. Morning/Afternoon GMT I never have issues.

Regged tourneys not having a green tick is super annoying and I just came to teh bug section to report the 1 hour bug but you beat me to it Smile



Unibet Poker Expert Chris-Unibet
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  • Searching for a specific keywords: Thanks I've reported it
  • green "v" associated with it in the buy-in column doesn't update: If you wait for quite some time, it does update but you can indeed force the update by clicking on each tournament. The devs will see if there's something they can do about that loading time though.
  • order "my tournament tickets" in full schedule: Thanks, I've raised it. Makes sense to me to order them by 'next to expire' indeed
  • 6 or 9-handed tournament: I agree. We use the description at the moment (only for the 9 handed, the others being the 6 handed) but that's not ideal so we'll change it.
  • "sometimes the scroll doesn't work in the list of players, sometimes it"s the sidebar that doesn't work to scroll in the list": So sometimes you either can't scroll the leaderboard with your mouse wheel and sometimes that's the scrolling bar that doesn't work?
  • ability to click enter after entering password: Agree and raised to the devs
  • Shortcut profile: I'm not sure if we should have a profile button on the tournament schedule to be honest as you should have all your tournament tickets showing there anyway. We should make the profile section more visible and accessible from 1 click from the main lobby though.
  • Full Schedule becomes black: Reported, thanks. Does it happen pretty much anytime you're logged in for ~ >2 hours?
  • Tournaments happening in  1 hour show "1 min" instead of "1 hrs 1 min": Reported, thanks!
  • Show "remaining players / entrants" like in 1.0: I've raised it. I don't think it was removed on purpose. It's probably something that we've added along the way in 1.0 and was forgotten for 2.0 but we'll bring it back. 
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For the scroll, it seems it depends where i click the scrollbar:  if i click on the upper part of it, it mostly doesn't work.. but seems to work when i click on the lower part.

And if i click just under, or over the scroll bar (to go up/down quicker), it sometimes doesn't work neither.    Its maybe a question of mouse sensitivity ?

For the mousewheel, i can't reproduce the times it didn't work, maybe i was not on the page itself.

For the full schedule becoming black: it's difficult to say if everytime. Yesterday, i was logged more than 2 hours and it didn't happen.  Today i was logged in  one hour and it did it again.(oops Very Happy)

Not much help with my answers i'm afraid :s


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Status changed to: Investigating
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2.2.0 bump for this.

Blank lobby is still happeneing. It's pretty consistant for me that it happens in the evening GMT and when freerolls or large field events are running.

Hopefully the video works (ignore Hensiepensies rambling in the background Rofl), scroll bars in individual MTT lobbies appear to be missing clickable sections