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hexapro flip and turbo tournaments have not opened for reg?

both these tournaments have not opened for reg even though they are meant to be open 2hours before start? 

just thought i would point this out as is 68mins til the first flip and 78mins til the turbo..

Rank 23

Still nothing @gazthehippy...

@Ray-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @Leo-Unibet

Are the Hexapro tourneys Finished or is it a glitch ?

Rank 22

They all look fine for me.

Rank 10

just reloaded client and seem ok now

Rank 22

oh wait.... left the tournament lobby and when re-opened it tourneys were gone ... 

I'm still reg'd on all and the first one just started..... well, the value just got better for the ones that managed to register Very Happy

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Declined

Closing this one. If it happens again, please let us know by either commenting here or creating a new bug report.