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community web display bugs

hi, i'm having problems with the community page,it doesn't show the last discutions in in the Competitions section shows wrog date of last disscutions,same problems on mobile where i use different internet provider


Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @Boby, indeed we are aware of this bug, it has been reported a couple of days for the first time I believe.
Rest assured we are in contact with the Community platform supplier and will do our best to fix it.
Thank you for attracting our attention to it.


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The other issue, the one not related to latest discussions, is because the fantasy board is part of the promotions section, but it's set not to show in lists. So the time shown on the frontpage is correct, and so is the one shown under the promo section Smile

EDIT: not really sure why it's hidden, but if it's a mistake, it's just a question of ticking a box in the BO Smile

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The way the latest discussions is currently ( isn't this how it used to be couple months ago still??? ), to me looks way better than how it's been recently.

Only bad thing I think is that if there's multiple posts on a thread, the posts are all shown individually on the list.

Would be great if the list only showed latest threads with a new post, and when clicked, it would take you to the first unread post on the thread, quite like the regular forum structure works.

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@Purps, the ones that's there now is the standard module, and the previous one was a custom one. Unfortunately there's been an issue with the custom one for 1.5 years, and the supplier hasn't been able to fix it. I believe the standard one has been brought back as a temporary solution - it's better than not having anything at all, as it's been recently Smile

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@BonusPater Oh yeah, I was trying to say that this standard module is a lot better than what the custom one has been. I vote for keeping this Ok

Having all the info about who made the post, and in which subforum it belongs to is good to see on the list. The custom module had none of that, also visually this standard one looks a lot better.


C'mon everyone, back me up on this one, or am I the only one thinking this way?


EDIT: Although, I guess the "same thread multiple times on the list" issue can't be avoided using the standard module?

sigh Disappointed