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You get a free flop! You get a free flop! Everybody gets a free flop!

Game #877455860. Everybody could just "check" preflop to see a free flop (without paying a single big blind). I have seen this happen before actually and it makes me sad to see that the software is still so buggy that it allows these kinds of things to occur (seldomly, but still). It goes without saying that this is totally unacceptable as it actually changes the very RULES of our beloved game of Texas Hold'em.


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Yeah @comanimal... I've seen it happen aswell.

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i too

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Thanks for reporting the issue! @Patric-Unibet has forwarded it to the developers and they'll look into it.

Just want to add a few more details. The BB in the previous hand got eliminated, and the BB in the hand in question was allin with the ante. As there was no SB nor BB paid, the player in 1st position (and everyone after him) got the option to check. This is obviously not the expected behavior - there shouldn't be the option of checking - and we'll update you once we receive an update.

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Can confirm this only happens when the BB is all in with the ante. Does not happen very often think I have seen it 2 or 3 times in 2 years plus of games.

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Status changed to: Investigating

Changing status to investigating. Internal ticket ID PLAT-7390

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Apparently it's still Christmas, because we are still giving out free flops to everyone (hand #937509711).