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Yet another blank screen

After yet another update I sat at one table for the advent cash game challenge nice and early. After a couple of hours deciced to open some more tables but everytime I go in the lobby, this is what I see.

Screenshot (1353).png 

I don't want to log out and reboot as I'll lose the stack I'm building, it's either that or spend all day on one table. Not a happy bunny, Veryangry


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Besides these failures, the weight of this application is too large for me ...  

for several updates Unibet APP terribly consuming RAM ... for me lightness should be a priority. I cant sometimes watch a stream...  or some music on YT...  + discord, latest 'heavy' version Skype + Chrome with 50 TABS and i've drama sometimes Smile  I need ASAP decent PC ...

I am curious in which language Relax writes this application ...  

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@pinki just got kicked off the table after spending a couple of hours with @Merenitsu, closed the client and logged back in again, and now all working fine. Smile

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@GR1ZZL3R you play very slowly and carefully. And I in tilte 2 day. nothing good it will not end. croupier against me 2 day. sorry

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I had to focus hard @Merenitsu as I could only play 1 table, it was a bit of a relief when we decided to leave. Well played but I'm on your trail.Cheeky

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@pinki you are right, it's very RAM consuming. My laptop is with 8GB and almost 1/2 of it is in use when running the client and few other programs which don't use too much of it. Also at moments the GPU fan could be heard in the next room Laugh , but this is due to the connection with external monitor mostly.

@pinki how much RAM is using the Unibet Poker.exe on your system? At mine when running 8 cash tables + replayer (tiled) it's 700-800MB, but there are few coherentUI processes which load several hundred MB more and it's simply too much compared to other poker clients.

The bad thing is that even after all the tables are closed the poker.exe is still at 500MB usage Annoyed

Screenshots of the details:




process details.png








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@GothMoth later,(19-21) i'll check the exact number at 5-6 tables...  but I have to go back to PC ... even some self-build micro-ATX

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@GothMoth @GR1ZZL3R  @Jeppe-Unibet as I promised  ... screenshots from yesterday :

255-unibet.pngafter client lunch ... and 1 table

After 'some' (couple hours )time and One Table:


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@pinki  this is insane - 1 774MB and with only one table...

After 2-3 orbits of one tabling the usage was about the same in my case (200-300MB). But I should try to measure it when running 6-9 MTTs (preferably few with +1000 entrants and to open their lobbies every few minutes) Laugh Just have to be prepared for a crash at some time and to reg max €1- €2 buy-in ones.

Do you have coherentUIs running when you open the client?  If you have you have to count them too. There are only two folders in Unibet Poker > assets and coherentUI where is a debug.txt and some interesting things regarding errors are seen Geek

Maybe we should make another bug-report, but first I'll try to measure the RAM usage tonight during the freerolls.

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@GothMoth more and more from minute to minute  ... now i've one table and ...


 only solution is restart client every hour during the break ...  i'll check later how many MB is with couple tables after restart ...

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Do you have coherentUIs running when you open the client?  If you have you have to count them too. There are only two folders in Unibet Poker > assets and coherentUI where is a debug.txt and some interesting things regarding errors are seen Geek



and stars .. without tables ... running 5 hours ...



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I almost forgot that during the yesterday's freeroll-packed evening I managed to make the test. Playing 3 freerolls and a centroll with ~2K players altogether there was no difference compared to multitabling cash Wonder

I thought that the tournaments are very RAM - heavy esp. when the lobbies are being opened and updating the info for hundreds of players. This wasn't the case yesterday and to my surprise the info was correct too Smile

However later in the night or early in the morning Laugh some visual bugs emerged - 1st in the replayer and then at every new table... So I had to reinstall the client and now installed it into the default directory as the previous time was even at another drive (done it to avoid the crashes with some success).

No much play today, but it seems that it is better this way - the screenshot after some 2-3 tabling shows not much consumption. I must admit that the win. optimizer program that I use have "Smart RAM" module and it happened to be left on auto-mode since some tweaking before and after the clean install. When I looked at the report - it has been constantly freeing-up memory during my sessions.

@pinki  and everyone which finds the client too heavy might be interested in IObit's Advanced SystemCare or some other optimizer with such function Smile


Smart RAM 3.0.png






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@GothMoth  Thanks ... ill try ....

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