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Web page shows in client after disconect

I have a problem that I think might be linked to the swedish version of the client.

After being disconected and trying to log in again the log in screen first looks just normal but when I typed the alias and password I get to this. It shows the web page instead of the client ?? And I have to close it and log in again to get the client back normal. 



I tested how it would be if i loged in from my phone while being loged in on the computer and then got back to the computer. 


As it shoud it showed this "session been moved message"

I click the green button ad get to the normal start page for logging in.

Screenshot_49.pngAnd same thing happends, I get the webpage version and have to fully close the client and open it from scratch for it to work again.

Rank 19

I get the same, and I've heard other people saying the same, I think it's a general bug and not a swedish issue

Rank 15

yes,happened to me also

Rank 17

So not a swedish problem Tongue anyhow pretty sure its a 2019 problem if that is to any help. Smile

Rank 11

I had the same several times, started  at the end of last year.

Unibet Poker Expert

The website loading within the client is a known issue, but this one might be slightly different to the one we've currently got a ticket on. I'm curious to hear exactly when this happened to you guys? Is it always after a disconnect? Is it always on the desktop client?


Rank 19

yes and yes

Rank 12

me, too - I'm not swedish.

Rank 11

Always after disconnect on desktop when i  try to re-login with my alias and password.

Rank 18

Happened to me yesterday for the first time. Even it was possible to place a bet Laugh




@Stubbe-Unibet  it happened after switching ISPs and there was a message " You are logged out" .

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for all the reports guys! The issue has been identified and is linked to other issues as for instance the grey screen upon login.