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Typos in site/client

Opening this thread, because every now and then there's all kinds of typos seen in official texts.
Starting with this one from the Finnish deposit-page. Not very representative for company, nor appealing to see it if you're are new customer. Been there for ages.


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Status changed to: Fixing

Thank you for pointing it out @Rushbie and letting us know, I've forwarded it directly to the Payments department for fixing Smile


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Congrats @Rushbie most tags labeled badge earned Very Happy

And good point. As old customer they really don´t matter that much but newbies might even skip registering for those. (We can´t even write but surely you can trust us for your money Very Happy )

When i look for new sites, i surely skip those that offer "100% bunos for jour fisrt deposti, up ti 1000 ueros"

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Just like to suggest a "efficiency" badge for the Payments Department Smirk 
Takes more than a month to change one (1) letter from the site Laugh

Also extra forum bonus bug in case it's not known, but won't expect any change till 2055 Rofl

runaway labels.PNG

@Rushbie@livertool, the typo from the payments page should be fixed Smile Thanks for highliting it guys.
As for the Community tag offset, we are looking into it with our provider, I see you have a dark theme on the borwser. I never experienced this issue on my side but I am running the basic Community theme. Could you try changing back to the original? I have a hunch it's the theme causing it. 


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Yeah, sure:

With Chrome, page refreshed, dark stylish off, page zoom at 125%
runawaylabels normal.PNG

Chrome, refreshed again, page zoom at 33%
runawaylabels nmin.PNG

With Firefox same thing.
Idk, maybe screen size or resolution screws it up,  would like to know too for future Thumbs Up
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Ehm, on second thought, might be the size of the window that causes it Smirk


Smile Can this be marked as resolved in this case? What exactly did you do to get it back to normal?


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@Ray-Unibet Go ahead, mate Laugh Not a problem, just a thingy that seems to happen Cheeky
Oh and just resized the window in the screen and it adjusted itself to it Thumbs Up

Status changed to: Fixed
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Maybe better to just ask some random Finn to write this stuff for you Wonder
This is on the "change the withdrawal methods" -page.


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I made a request on the seventh of August to change one sentence on my local Moving On Up promo translation. Today I received a mail and they changed it. Promo ends on Sunday. Nice job.

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Not an annoying one, but still a typo @Leo-Unibet@Ray-Unibet@Jeppe-Unibet

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 20.29.18.png

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@cris1285 whats wrong there?

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The missions @Messwithme. One is August, one is September, and they are in October. 

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@cris1285 Thanks for pointing that out. the mission tournament is updated with correct nameing