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Tournamnet finishing positions - mess in standings

@Stubbe-Unibet  Couple days ago i've noticed  in particualr MTT mess in standings - i forgot write  about it.  This one is different from those from bug reports. Maybe this will help to diagnose the cause if it happens in  the same tournament.

300Euro Zenith at 03:30 -  release 2.27 from  16.03.2019


And another one from today night,  again 300E Zenith - Release 2.28



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@Stubbe-Unibet I see that this bug repeats every day.Now i see also the same issue curently exist  in every MTT, even now Fortunately, it does not apply to paid places, only the mess is below  Smile  I'm curious how it looks in tournaments with 150+ playersWonder

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@pinki, this doesn't qualify as a bug, since they actually got the correct finishing position. I'll give you an example; 
Fjellis06 got eliminated at 03:06 when they were 17 players left. At 03:23 unibet_115235538 registers (they are now 17 players again) and bust a few minutes later etc.
Situations like these are bound to occur in tournaments with late reg. from time to time.