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Time delay between PC and client

Wonder what's with this <2sec time delay? Is the client always ahead of players PCs?
Or just a lag of somekind?


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The client time is in sync with (and my desktop time). Can't say for sure why you experienced a difference, but it doesn't really change anything when it's just a few seconds Smile

Funny story: I once spoke to a customer for an hour on the phone - I was very patient back then Wink
He/she simply couldn't get the site to work (think it was betting pages that didn't load) as some certificate had expired (I don't remember the exact details as it's years ago). I tried everything I could possibly think of and nothing worked. A few days later I got an email from the same customer. He/she was extremely happy as he/she had managed to fix the issue him/herself. I was obviously really curious about the root cause, so I asked how the customer had managed. The reply: the time on the computer was 10 years behind the actual time Rofl