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The pathetic spamming has to stop!


Over the last few weeks, there has been an uptick in spamming activities. However this guy takes the cake and you might want to look into that and the related accounts:

The spammer of the week is @newkhan.spam.PNG

 78 likes within the last 24 hours, not bad. What did he write that's so entertaining?


Rofl Posted on January 14th. Not a single word written, yet all of a sudden you have 8 guys liking it yesterday, after 9.5 months.


 Then he posted here:


In the Champion's League final competition 2 weeks ago, 5 months after the game was over. And all of a sudden, 11 guys liked the post within the last 24 hours:

spam2.PNGThere are other examples, but you get the idea. All those accounts have ranks below 10 and I think it would be smart for you to also investigate all those related accounts. If someone cheats for likes to reach higher ranks to join freerolls, he'll be even more likely to cheat for money during the games.













Rank 21

I think we should embrace it..there's no viable other option

is't just how the casual gamblers behave in general...they show up out of nowhere & seek free goodies

Rank 20

Imagine what will be at december promotions Rofl

Rank 22

@WuDu pretty boy.  Well done that noticed and conducted an investigation  . something needs to be done about it

Rank 15

Nice effort @WuDu but as @pittpitt said there is nothing much to do here.

People do this all the time.

XY Rank 19
Rank 19

@ Jeppe, @ Ray-Unibet

Rank 23
Rank 22


giphyIt's time to clean the house!


Rank 21

He is just a likeable person, dont be jealous guys Cheeky

But seriously, he reached rank 10 Wow Rofl

Rank 21


If you are "dedicated" enough, you can even spam yourself ro rank 25...Laugh

Status changed to: New

We're on it guys. We just need to put in balance if the content can actually categorized as Spam. I get where you guys are coming from and anybody abusing the Community get's a 7 day ban as a start. Thanks for the "Abuse reports" and keep 'em coming, it helps allot Smile
Likes, badges, ranks can be removed any time. We are trying to be as relaxed as possible about it obviously, but not at the expense of the content that we host here. 

Rank 22

Hmm, did the one week ban after UO freebies end lately? Looks like the same guy(s)/account is active and spamming again Smirk

spamaccounts3 (2).PNGspamaccounts2.PNGspamaccounts3 (1).PNGspamaccounts4.PNG
spambuddies.pngBusy day in India

Rank 24

jhonssmith01, new1, shutanzir22 and unibetshanaj222 solemly swear they are up to no good either. Perhaps an IP ban? Very Happy

So much useless content that should just be deleted in my opinion.



Rank 22

I wouldn't be surprised, if all these are accounts to some spamming/scamming company in India or other suboffice/personnel on other country. Like the "microsoft support scammer" ones being exposed and used as entertainment on Youtube Laugh Clearly the goal is to get as many accounts as possible to the "moneyline" here, rank 10,  and use those together in a group in order to create one perfect winning betslip in competitions like the Final Oracle-comp by doing similar list of answers with only 1-2options being different than others. If you pile up the answers together, it's like having a one 1x2 multibet of 15 matches, some of the matches having more options than others. And for other benefits like that too. If it goes to poker tables, it's a ***n fraud. And pretty sure it is like that already.
While playing other site, watched the forums progress at night on my coffee-break, and knowing it's about morning, working time in Mumbai, almost laughed the drinks to keyboard while thinking how some poor sleepy office-scammer is typing like hell to get the morning task done Rofl I mean, the quality of these just sucked.. Not worried about these guys getting any smarter, so just pointing this out Smirk


Rank 22

Yeah, December is coming fast indeed, and the urge to strengthen the troops to replace the fallen sleeper cells is real Laugh This is what we're going to see a lot in the near future. Sure they are relatively easy to spot, but I kinda hope that the security teams and moderators are fully aware, that big part of the coming accounts has a very high risk of being in control of one or few marionettists. Just saying.

Rank 23

 I'd like to invite @Rushbie to join me, (founder and only member so far) in the GSC, GR1ZZL3R's Sherlock Club, for his dedication in rooting out International Mastermind Simple Minds spammers. Sheer breathless simplicity but so well presented.

Screenshot (955).png

Membership invitations are still pending further analysis for @WuDu and @BonusPater.

How about a new badge for members only @Ray-Unibet.

Screenshot (953).png 


Membership by invitation only.

Dedicated and thorough analytical powers needed.

Spamming for access will be denied.





Cheers for the reports guys @WuDu@GR1ZZL3R@Rushbie@BonusPater@cris1285.
All players mentioned above are banned for a week and an explanation has been provided via PM. Likes are removed as well. Indeed I agree that the "Spam" has been increasing lately and you guys know the best that we try to stay as flexible as possible with the content that is being shared, but not at the cost of this Community becoming "Irelevant Content". Thanks for the reports and if you spot something, keep em' comming Smile


Rank 10

The likes in @Rushbies post would occur if one person was operating all the accounts and logging in one after another with aim to up the lowest ranking one. I cannot believe a group of people actually using organized liking scheme for freeroll rewards. Also, two persons spelled 'ida'. I'd say it's one active person.

Searching those names gives hits from Iran to Bangladesh. Shanaj is a name in Albania too. Muslim parts of Europe, Middle East or some where near India.


Rank 21


It's not so much the "likes" I care about or the questionable content, but like naga bro mentioned, this is probably just 1 guy running multiple accounts. Not only are contributing community members being cheated out of perks, but what about those accounts playing poker together?


Interesting thought guys @EatMoreNaga@WuDu. Better safe than sorry I always say, I'll have the guys responsible take a peek Smile

Rank 22

wow  this thread is so interesting Smile

@WuDu @Rushbie @EatMoreNaga you are my heroesSmile

Rank 22

@GR1ZZL3RThe internezian scamsniffer, Snoopie, accepts the invitation with honor and is naturally always following new trails Rofl

But seriously, it's not about the decreased chances towards 10 annual freespins to Starbust. After all, who/whom ever does this, is going to wash those monies through poker, no matter did those chips come from freerolls or casino funds gotten from freespins scammed off from here.

Rank 23

Hi @Rushbie We know it's hardly a gang of Mafia type money laundering and they're never going to get rich with liking, it just seems pointless and annoying.Teardrop

As a get rich quick scheme I think it leaves a lot to be desired, the mastermind(s) behind this have a lot to learn.

Anyway welcome to the club and keep up the good watchful work.Smile

Rank 22

Lol, it's not a mafia man Laugh Mostly a one hair of some scam-office that is spreading its connections everywhere online. And quite frankly, there is no room to development for those tactics here. Only way to make that sht work, is to use the slow method, and shoot the seeds all over the calendar year, in order to slowly grow the accounts into their most valuable form. The holy rank 10, blessed by the gods of all thieves and pickpocketing scum.
Recently, they all activated, when someone got greedy seeing the extra moneys being available during UO freebies, (16 games) and gave the order to boost things up, imo. Mistake. I'm not gonna post anything anymore to this topic, I'll just send a month long package to correct personnels here at the end of the month, before the money-season begins Laugh
And yeah, tried to catch some free chips from chipdumping fishes few days ago here, but no luck Sad The fkers operate mostly at 01.00- 03.00CET, when the UB's workers are away. 
Edit. like this:
 bjj-sisters.pngYou always do things together, at the same time?

Rank 22

In the world of scams

Rank 10

 Wudu right with such a phrase " new player new time "It's a laugh:RoflHow can you post likes?