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Supernova rebuy addon 5 tix guarantee

Got to rebuy/addon period

refused the rebuy, then clicked addon, addon popped up, clicked buy with ticket it clearly said "5000 chips"

it only gave me 2500chips
then it still offered me a rebuy even though i had 4k + chips and the addon was available.

I intended to late reg and get an addon which I actually clicked the correct buttons to happen but just randomly gave me what it felt like.

please refund my tickets for this game, I never normally ask for refunds but this clearly is messed up and not working as intended.


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@Marco-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet Same as other post, I tagged you in Smile

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Same bug again almost!!!

Bust just before the addon break, I have a rebuy then go for the addon which then gives me 2.5k chips instead of 5k.

Ended up buying the addon aswell so 40e spent instead of the 30 I expected.

I normally live with these bugs because of all the other good stuff Unibet do but when nobody is even replying to bug reports its very annoying.

Whats the point of reporting bugs if they are not even being acknowledged?

@Leo-Unibet @Marco-Unibet @Jeppe-Unibet @Anbody-Who-Feels-Like-Answering-Please


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Have wrote to an independant 3rd party for help

25564635_2044098102268808_1545794576_n.png2017-12-21 00_58_32-Check Santa's List!.png

Was a bit concerned I was the naughty list but I have proof above showing I am on the good boy list.
thanks santa