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Stealing focus

I played "Multiverse" tournament yesterday along with "Deep" one (so 2 tables) ... Using mobile device (latest client application) and everything running fine until "Add-on" break. I cancel add-on offer (since I'm running short of money). After that each time I should take an action on Deep tournament my focus have been stolen by Multiverse table (add-on ofer not active! on my display) ... I quite did not understand, but this repeat approximately 10 times (2 minutes if you want) in a row (which is quite lot I think) :-(

Really annoying when I'm near the bubble on another table - so @Ray-Unibet, @Patric-Unibet  can you have a look on it, please ?

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Hey @MadAdo, thanks for reporting it and sorry for the inconveniences Happyshy. I've reached out to the guys responsible and we shall have a look at what's causing it. Do let us know if it happens again.


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Hi @MadAdo,

I'm a bit puzzled to get the full picture.

You were playing two tables, did not take the addon and after that the focus stayed on the table where the addon was offered and didn't switch to the 2nd tournament anymore?

Was this the first time you had such an issue or did it happen more than once?

And you mentioned after about 2 minutes it kept working as normal before?

Just trying to understand it fully before we can investigate it.

Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience caused

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Hi @Patric-Unibet

so I go to sum it shortly again:

-> I played poker by using of latest client application on tablet device

-> played 2 tournaments (so have open 2 tables only)

-> first was 'deep' nano (25c buy-in) but it does not matter at all -> it was some of non-rebuy tournament ;-)

-> second was 'multiverse' when add-on offer appear (after re-buy period end -> god knows ... maybe after hour?)

-> I close/decline (by pressing cross mark) add-on offer (so it disappear from table screen)

-> during add-on period (roughly somewhere around 2 minutes) ... I played second (deep) and each time I should take some action, focus stollen by multiverse tournament (but there was 'add-on' break) ...


After add-on period the game returns to 'normal' -> so I got focus whenever I should take action  ... so working as standard scenario

Hope it helps, I'm ready to provide additional information whenever required ;-)

And NO, I did not experience it before - but I did not play too much tournaments as I'm heavy cash-oriented player - you all know that :-)

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Thank you @MadAdo,

I will provide this info to our developers and check with them whether this is a widespread issue to get it fixed.


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Status changed to: Investigating

@MadAdo I'll follow up on this one with the developers but just wanted to check if you've experienced this again, since the issue was reported?

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@Stubbe-Unibet  I'm not playing MTT on a regularly basis, so I have no chance to reproduce it yet. But here in community are couple guys which could do it easily ...

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I'll close this one for now. If it happens again in the future, please let me know and I'll reoped the case! Smile