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River card not shown in an all-in situation

Bug: river card does not show up in an all in situation. (NOT a game breaking bug)

The bug occasionally "happened" after an all in and a call. The poker client would deal the flop, the turn and the river card would not pop up and the pot would be awarded to the winner. I could find out the river card when I would press on the hand review button in the top left corner.

- This happened over a long period of time. Both in tournaments and cash games. Both when I was in the pot and when I was not in the pot (i.e. I call a shove pre or on the flop, FLOP ... TURN ... Pot awarded. or Villain1 shoves, everyone including me fold, Villain2 calls. Showdown > FLOP > TURN > Pot awarded.)

- This happened both when my computer memory and or connection was slow (i.e. sundays when I have other poker clients oppened as well) and when my connection/ memory/ CPU was not loaded heavily (i.e. 4am in the morning 1-2 unibet cash game tables running and nothing else).

- I can press the button on the top left and see the hand after it was dealt out.

- The client had at least 3-4 updates (if not more) and the bug still occurs from time to time.

Does anyone else have encountered this problem. Is something wrong on my side or server side?


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Mm-hm, maybe @Stubbe-Unibet  can reveal some insights of light about this SecretSpeechless

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@ebitdaddy sorry about the late reply! Never heard about this one before. Are you still experiencing it?

Would need some examples (actual hand ID's) and we'd need your log file as well - see this thread

As I've never heard about it, and you've had the issue for a while, it's likely a local issue on your end but can't say with 100 % certainty.

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As mentioned above, this is very likely a local issue - especially since you mention it's happening when your connection or hardware is struggling.