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@steppek77 @Ray-Unibet

I have to agree and wonder myself....seen many strange things there.....but the worst yet is this issue:

When Bingo say my level is 345 :

345.jpgThen the real fact is level 422:






 So please Unibet how do you want me to trust your Bingo when you cant even keep my playing level correct...

Stated this in the bug section last year (lol) and still no real satified answer...

Me think answer would be:

Sorry we had grafic issue or somewhat other issue who did not bother the real play ^^

Well lucky for me I have the freedom to choose and skipping Bingo now...

Always remember that gaming\gamble is a two way trust thingy...and in 2018 the winner site I played on was **********
Bet 1 NOK (0.10 euro) and winn 28 754 NOK ( almost 2900 Euro) on Football Wink
Did do that 3 times, diffrent ammount`s and also did drag in some real nice 5 diget ammounts from their Casino section..

So this year of 2019 I am going all in ***********, so nice RTP it is a dream Smile

Yes and I know that for me to winn someone else have to loose and vice versa Wink


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Moved this one to the bug reports section as it was unrelated to the issue. The investigation is indeed started and Relax is looking into a fix. As soon as we know if this affected you guys in any way we'll be informing you here. 

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