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Poker App v2.25.0 - notifications

I'm really not sure about that and really sorry if it isn't a bug. But just before last updates the bell for notifications was green (or yellow) with the number/s of notifications when you get a new one. Now when I have a new one, the bell stay in a white color, when I restart the app the bell is already green (yellow) with the number/s of notifications. I will try to show you this with screenshots before and after restart the app Smile

Now I'm sure I have a new one Smile but the bell is still in white:


A minute later I just reopen the app and lol ... the bell is green Very Happy


 P.S. If that's not a bug, please delete this report Wink






Unibet Poker Expert

Hi @Puzzl3,

thanks for the report.

It indeed seems to be a bug, I have reported it and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you

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Status changed to: Investigating
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1 month later - still the same ... GeekGeekGeek

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Status changed to: Fixed

Fixed in the release that went out today Smile