Playing poker. I cant take agressive actions. (Bet/raise)

I have registered to multiple tournaments a couple of minutes ago. And all money spent is litterally dead money due to this bug.
I cant take an agressive action. Which meens that i can both check, call and fold my hands, but i cant raise or bet. 
I have filmed the bug and attatched it to this post.

I would hope to get my tickets refunded aswell.

Siltsu Rank 9
Rank 9

LOL  Im playing €50 Gtd Deep Crazy Bounty Tournament and my Bet or Raise button dont work at all in any situation Very HappyD Check, Call and Fold works well... But maybe i could still win! Absolutely amazing LOL

Restarted client but no help..


Edit. Doubled up limpcalling all in with KK! Still alive!

Edit2. Nooo couldnt win, out 33 vs 55 vs 99 vs KJ Sad But first time i really can say it was rigged... Other people could raise, so unfair!

ares263 Rank 13
Rank 13

@BillyR23 Try this... Go to SETTINGS, than GENERAL and take off all those settings. It woks for me ...






BillyR23 Rank 18
Rank 18

@ares263 thanks, I'll try that Thumbs Up

Mynona Rank 15
Rank 15

I keep having this bug of not being able to raise/go allin  REGULARLY ...   everyting is fine in a game, and suddenly, i can raise/allin anymore, just call

Any idea when this bug will be fixed ??? its REALLY annoying especially when  smaller stack and cant go allin !

I dont play with cents, and i use 4 colors cards (but also happened wiht 2 colors cards as well..i tried)

ubbster Rank 3
Rank 3

Playing the freeroll and cant raise only call and fold!? The raise button dosent workVeryangry Also my timebank started when it was not my turnScared



Community Manager
Community Manager

@ubbster, sorry about the issues you're experiencing!

As mentioned earlier in this thread, please try to turn off "play in cents" in settings Smile

MoreTBC Rank 20
Rank 20

The timebank thing is a visual bug, it's not actually your timebank, it's another players showing next to your avatar

ubbster Rank 3
Rank 3

I dont have "play in cents" turned on! So i cant turn it offSpeechless 


Quoting @Andrew-Unibet's post on 2+2:

We're 95% to release the next version tomorrow. It's still being tested, so if any major problems are discovered it'll be delayed. Patch notes:

  • Fixed freeze when topping up in cashgames
  • Fixed internet connection error showed incorrectly
  • Fixed raise button sometimes not working in mtt/sng
  • Fixed fractional chips not being included in mtt/sng all-in bets
  • Fixed dealer button positions
  • DX10 support
  • Action texts are moved to player plates
  • Removed color coding from bet amounts
  • Tiling fix to take advantage of full width of the screen
Unibet Poker Expert Chris-Unibet
Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Delivered
Fk Rank 3
Rank 3

Installed the latest version.

Looking forward to finally getting a proper game.

Alas it fixed nothing for me.

Mitts ,cash just the same old probs.

Stupid raise column ,timing out,dissconned symbol.

Totally unplayable.

Android Galaxy tab.

So dissapointed.


MoreTBC Rank 20
Rank 20

Was unable to raise during the €4 Bounty Deepstack tonight. Hand ID was 428132922 and I'm on 2.1.0.


koolat Rank 6
Rank 6

I not really seen this bug where you cant raise but experienced problems when trying to 3 bet. The button will not allowed to be clicked after 3 betting a raise.

eg Blinds are 500/1000/100, UTG goes allin with 8000. I got about 14000. I click max button and then try clicking the Raise button but nothing happens. It wont allow me to raise. Only can call or fold. Even dragging the bet slider or changing the input value does not do anthing.

This is not minor bug and in my view is a showstopper of the game functionaly. Please UNIBET POKER, get this fixed as this is fundamental part of the game.