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Omaha BuggedOut! sort it out boys or I'll put a Kappa in yo ass..

the captains table.jpgKappationPlease seeda pict fada script..

But, just in case it's not *Kappa enough,  at the first *Kappa of almost every Omaha bounty freeroll I have played recently, no community *Kappa appear and all *Kappa **aboard the vessel possess a seemingly unchanging *Kappa.


*players                 **at the table






Have I won a prize?

If not, can it be amended so that I have?



                                                           There 'is' an 'i' in Team..


Rank 23

Seen this quite a bit.

Work around is to close and reopen table.

Rank 25

4 of a kind of Captains. Remember, you can use only 2 from your starting table in Omaha.Tongue

Rank 10

I know that now jonny2192, needless to say re-installing windows didn't help..  HahaCheeky

Rank 22

Just close the table and reopen it, it will work, it does for me.

Rank 23

I was going to link that but I'm lazy Smile PLO cards not showing when table loads has been in the client for a while and still exists in 2.8.0.

Unibet Poker Expert