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None of the links seem to be working

None of the links seem to work.  I cannot see My Bets, any bet info or even see a list of available bets under Football or any other sport.  Been like this for 3 or 4 days now.  


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See if updating Flash ( and possibly also Java ) helps. I remember at least one occasion when Flash was the reason for the sportsbet pages not showing properly.

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Hi @Wiganer, indeed like @Purps mentions, keeping the flash player updated and alowed in the browser would be essential for the platform to run smoothly. Another quick fix could be deleting cookies and cache. Let us know how it goes and if it doesn't fix it, a screenshot shared here in this thread could be of great use in advising you further.


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I´m having this kind of trouble when my connection is slow. I think that Unibet has increased the amount of data in the sportsbook? When I go fast it works fine... Solution: Fast connection Wink

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I updated flash and it worked for a day. Gone back to not working again now.   Could be to do with the crap Sky broadband I have in the house now the kids are home and on this bloody Fortnite garbage.  Will keep trying.  Thanks for the help.