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No challenge notifications.

I've just noticed that I get no notifications that challenges have been completed, either during the game or after with the bell symbol. I've just checked while playing and this is indeed the case but the points are being added as normal as far as I am aware. It would appear that this has been going on a few days but not being very observant (not good really for playing poker) I've only just realised. Anyone else got this? Wonder

Screenshot (1587)_LI.jpg

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@GR1ZZL3R the same situation is when, for example, you get/won a ticket  ... after reconnect you have ie.  Bell with some new notifications...

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@pinki As you can see I won a ticket a few days ago but before that and since the challenge points notifications have gone missing both during and after the game. There is usually a number by the bell and clicking on it gives a list of challenges and points  but this is not working either. It's no big deal so long as the points are ticking up which they appear to be but I just thought I'd enquire anyway, as a bug is a bug. I'll keep my eyes on it to see if there's any change. Geek

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Updating as normal now @pinki

Screenshot (1589).png


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Lucky you, I wish I didn't get them.

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Tbh @Brocky I never read them or take any notice really, it was just a general report of a bug. They just flash up all the time and add no value as far as I'm concerned. If I got a message saying I'd won a UO package I might take notice, but that's not going to happen any time soon at my level.Rofl

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Hey guys,

in the newest release, we stopped showing notification for all minor challenges as there were too many, especially for those that play a lot.

Only major challenges will be displayed in the notifications from now on, so this is not a bug Smile


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