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More Tourneys for Micro Stakes Players

Shout out to all the Micro Stakes Players & Mods

Checking the Lobby, I saw that Micro Stakes Players have very few tourneys available & they run in the evenings. Is there any chance that we can get some more tourneys & @ different times during the day maybe  ?


As you can see in the pic above... the only tourneys available for micro stakes players are the €30 Nano Abyss & the €25 Nano Gargle Blaster. I'm sure a couple more will pop up tonight, but there are very few & only in the evening. Please can we have a look @ getting some more Nano Tourneys & some during the day maybe please ?

Community Members... your input is greatly appreciated, so please add your input & ideas.

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@Leo-Unibet might be the best man to do something about this Smile

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Oh & I forgot to add...

How about on demand tourneys ? Where you have a certain level of buy-in & as soon as enough Peeps have registered the tourney kicks off, with a short late registration period. 

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I also figured out, that tourneys pop up near to their starting time. It could be strange at first sight, but now I get used to this. To the improvements: I personally don't think they will add a mayor change befor autumn. All of the employees made an overwork during the World Cup and UO's next stage is around the corner. People need rest so they will be on holiday in August and all the possible changes will created after that.

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If anyone remembers the 1 - 18 Seated Caped MTTs, i would like to see the Nano version of them starting every 30 minutes 24/7. Stake example: "€0.05/€0.10/€0.25/€0.50".  In my opinion this will give people that play the Freerolls and Nano MTTs a opportunity to build a decent Bankroll and move up stakes faster. I think implementing something like this will be a win-win for everyone.

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@FreedoM that's exactly what I'm talking about. As soon as 18 peeps have registered the tourney kicks off. It will definitely give Peeps that play the Freerolls and Nano MTTs an opportunity to build a decent Bankroll and move up stakes faster. 

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 I think you'r on the right track @Nestabear @FreedoM I'm sure micro stakes on a site like this could be worth trying to see how popular they are, and maybe as @psrquack said after the summer when volume increases.Thumbs Up

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Also we need more €1 up to €4 mtts , not a lot of tourneys to choose from .  With deepstack structures . 




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@Nestabear @startelver @GR1ZZL3R @psrquack

There will not be any changes done to the schedule in the near future. I will have a review of the entire schedule as we approaching the “season”, thanks for your thoughts and ideas.

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Status changed to: Declined

Declining this one as per the comment above. Also, it's submitted as a bug instead of an idea.