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Messed up lobby

Is it just me,or the lobby is messed up? It freezed,now I don't know where i stand in mtts.

Rank 23

Wonder if the 9th guy got the correct money Smirk

Rank 10

Have noticed this in few games today where the lobbies are not updating..

This is very frustrating as was just in a 5euro satelite for 25 UOS ticket, lobby was saying and showing 32 remaining so I got involved in a hand thinking i needed more chips to win ticket.. lost hand and am told i bust in 23rd when there was 20 tickets.. If had known we was that close to tickets i would not of got involved Sad

Unibet Poker Expert
Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Fixed

Fixed, pending confirmation from you guys Smile

Rank 22


45 minutes into my first tournament of the day and I've been keeping very close eye on the "My position/Remaining players" numbers on the table info box. Happy to say that not once has it been showing wrong numbers by momentarily adding some players on the numbers the way it used to constantly do. Happy

So this bug seems to be fixed now Thumbs Up