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Log in problems

Hi everyone! I had some issue with log in today. I already had try to reinstall software and check compatibility problems, but nothing changedbug.jpg

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Hi @Melgry, t he log in issue is not related to the thread with the Estonian players unfortunately, however I see a change in the usual way you were succesfully loging in to the client before. Is there any way to try loging into the poker client like that? Also not sure if it's the case but you won't be able to log in using a VPN. It's a piece of info worth keeping in mind.
Let em know how it went.


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Hi @Ray-Unibet! My usual way where I logging has been changing because I`d reinstall my OS and change it into Windows 8.1 and this problems started. Also I want to say that I never use VPN or other prohibited programms to log in. Yesterday evening I try to loging in Unibet at another computer with Windows 7 and have no problems. So that problems starts only on Windows 8.1

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Hi @Melgry,

Would you be able to send your complete computer specifications for us to investigate further?

You can find them here:

dxdiag screenshots

1. To run dxdiag press windows key + R and enter dxdiag

2. Please take a screenshot of 'System' and 'Display 1' tabs.

Please send it to contact@unibetcommunity.com.



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Just confirming that we've recieved your email @Melgry and that I've forwarded it to Cedrick Smile


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Status changed to: Fixed

Closing this one as I haven't seen this particular issue (black screen upon login) recently, and I can't see what Cedrick did with it.

If this report is still relevant, please let me know!