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Live volleyball translation mistake

On live volleyball, on handicap offers, instead of puncte we have puncet

This is a very old mistake but I see it's not fixed, I don't think it was posted here.


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@Jeppe-Unibet @ReCorpH 

Since the offer is not changing for several years, can I claim my stakes for all the bets on this offer to be voided? I don't think word "puncet" exists in any language so you are offering something that doesn't exist. You are voiding bets on matches with wrong participants and not on offers with wrong names?

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After over 4 years, Unibet fixed it. I've sent emails about this in this time, wrote also here one month ago and finally somebody realized that is not ok offering with a wrong translation.

It's not strange that a unibet client insisted to make this change?

No "Thank you" from Unibet... 

Community Manager
Status changed to: Fixed

Thanks you for this report @FunckyFish , I've added a small Free Bet to your account as a goodwill!
I highly doubt you'll be able to claim all bets placed on this back. Translation errors can happen with all the text that is translated throughout our sites and in the sportsbook, and it seem you were aware that it was nothing but a small error in the text.