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Invisible player

Hello, yesterday I was playing Banzai Nl1 and I noticed a strange situation, I'm going down by pictures to see, on the table there are 4 players, but the player identified as (Szurdok23) played the hand alone to the river, strange. Actually, there were 5 players on the table, but you can not see the fifth player, the red underlined player is in the game, but his avatar does not appear.


Screenshot 2016-12-13 16.03.31.pngScreenshot 2016-12-13 17.14.13.png

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The same happened with me today. We are 5 handed, I raised everybody folded but the turn and river came out. I raised again and nobody called but I lost the pot after river. I checked it in the hand replayer and figeured out that it was one more "ghost" player at my table so we weere 6 handed instead of 5 handed. He was allin with a small amount of chips and won the flop. It was only a freeroll so not a big deal but quiet interesting.

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At the beginning I was a bit confused, how it was possible to get to the river without an opponent ... but in the historical I noticed that after all there were 5 players, and he was calling so quickly that I had not realized ... it only happened to me once. ..

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Returned the same happen, but now in Nl5 Banzai on the table 3 players visible, but in reality are 4

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I had exactly the same problem  5 min ago on cash table, nl4.. i made a screenshot:  i could see my opponent in replayer, but not at the table, it lasted the whole 5 minutes i was there then i left because it's too weird to play with an invisible player.



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Yes, it is very strange to play with an invisible player ... and the times that happened to me, I had to leave the table for not giving even to play like this ..

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Hello I entered MTT 4 euros Bounty a few minutes ago and the same happened, there were 1 invisible player :(

They are all folded, and this invisible player goes all-in.

Screenshot 2016-12-21 16.28.00.pngScreenshot 2016-12-21 16.35.06.png


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Reopen table fix that

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Good, @ TTABKATA did not get me through the head when it happened to me, cool thanks for the tip. :Thumbsup:


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Happens to me quite frequently since the new client has been released. Good thing that I play mainly cash games and i can quickly reenter the table, and it has never happened in a tournament or sng.

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Im still getting invisible players and crashes.... The button seems to skip the invisble player, so it even more impossible to figure out, that another player is at the table and for instance have raised the button, because the dealer button has just moved to the cutoff.

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The new client update is and will be one of the worst of all time, so many problems and not compatible with all Unibet users - two thumbs wayyyyyyyyyy down

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This happens all the time, also starting the client it sometimes doesn't open up, it also crashes a lot, disconnects alot, and there is correlation with the number of tables open to how often it crashes which would point to a scaling or memory issue in my opinion, the software is poorly coded, I would have expected the issues to be patched out by now, this is on the windows client. 

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Ghost numbers. Scary as f... to play :Rofl:


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Same thing has happened to me several times, playing the PC client.

I have reported this by email to Unibet, but unfortunately no answer from them.

I have lost several hands (and Euros) to invisible players since christmas :( :( :(




@soloraid I see that you sent us an email on 30/1 and we sent an email back, saying thanks for the screenshot, that it's reported to the poker team and that you'll get an email from us once fixed. If you haven't already, could you please try and check the spam box(unwanted emails) in your email inbox?


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Hi Jeppe!

Thank you for your reply. I'm impressed that you found my email regarding this. Actually I reported the  same thing december 28...

One of my issues is that I have lost money against invisible players more than once, and I think that Unibet should refund money to me and other players that have had the same problem.


@soloraid I can see all the emails you've sent us and replies for all of them as well - if you're not receiving our emails in your spam filter, the best thing to do would be to try an alternative email address.

Regarding the issue, a €1 omaha ticket as well as €0.30 was added to the account for a lost blind in a hand with an invisible player. There is one email though which I think got lost in between the others, it's from the 28th as well and you describe playing on a NL10 table having AK, but I can only find one NL10 cash game hand for that day, and you didn't have AK. You did attach a screenshot, but those are automatically removed from emails after a certain time for security reason, so I can't see it. Do you remember this email? Most of your play from that day was on a different stake and I suspect the issue might have occured there.

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