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Get message "Something went wrong" when trying to open poker , as well as on client as in browser


When trying to launch poker client or play via browser , i'm able to login but instead of having menu screen i always get message "something went wrong" and screen remains black with no further explanation of what the issue might be.

Someone had similar issue ? Any thoughts ?

Kind regards,


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Apologies for the late reply, @frems74. Are you still getting the same error message? Looks like you've been playing poker after you reported this issue.

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As we haven't heard anything more about the error, I'll close the report for now. @frems74 If it's still happening and you're having trouble playing, feel free to update the report!


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@Marco-Unibet@Does not open the poker client on android 6.0.1, or writes unkounn error.

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What i can do?


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Thanks for reporting, @jones_s. Could you please add a few more details? I'll forward the bug to our poker team but I need some more information before I can escalate it.

  1. Technical details about the device you're using
    • If you're on Windows, simply search for an application called "dxdiag". Open the application and take a picture of the tabs called "System" and "Display".
    • If you're on a Mac, click the Apple icon in the top left corner and then click the top option "About This Mac". A new window should open with some technical details about your unit. Get a picture of these details.
    • If you're using an Android device, go to "Settings". At the bottom you should see "About phone"/"About tablet". We need to know the Android version as well as what device you're using.
    • Are you using an iPhone or iPad, go to "Settings" -> "General" and then tab "About". Here you should see "Version", which is the only information we need.
  2. A copy of your poker log files only applicable if you're using the downloadable client on a Windows or Mac device.
    Windows users:Open "File Explorer" and go to the following folder: C:\Users\******\Documents\Unibet Poker. In this folder you'll see a file called ""Poker_log.txt", which is the one that we need. 

    Mac users: You'll find the Poker_log file in the general documents folder.


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Hey, I have the same problem. Can it be because of that in my country unibet is blocked. And now being in other country, all of that somethin connected? I did all ft and found a file witch moderator was asking. Where I need to put them, gmail?

Unibet Sportsbook Expert

We have many players from the same country who haven't experienced any issues. Thanks for suggesting it though, could easily have been the case Smile

You can either send an email to contact@unibetcommunity.com or copy paste the log file info to a post.