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Get message "Something went wrong" when trying to open poker , as well as on client as in browser


When trying to launch poker client or play via browser , i'm able to login but instead of having menu screen i always get message "something went wrong" and screen remains black with no further explanation of what the issue might be.

Someone had similar issue ? Any thoughts ?

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Apologies for the late reply, @frems74. Are you still getting the same error message? Looks like you've been playing poker after you reported this issue.

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As we haven't heard anything more about the error, I'll close the report for now. @frems74 If it's still happening and you're having trouble playing, feel free to update the report!


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@Marco-Unibet@Does not open the poker client on android 6.0.1, or writes unkounn error.

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What i can do?



Thanks for reporting, @jones_s. Could you please add a few more details? I'll forward the bug to our poker team but I need some more information before I can escalate it.

  1. Technical details about the device you're using
    • If you're on Windows, simply search for an application called "dxdiag". Open the application and take a picture of the tabs called "System" and "Display".
    • If you're on a Mac, click the Apple icon in the top left corner and then click the top option "About This Mac". A new window should open with some technical details about your unit. Get a picture of these details.
    • If you're using an Android device, go to "Settings". At the bottom you should see "About phone"/"About tablet". We need to know the Android version as well as what device you're using.
    • Are you using an iPhone or iPad, go to "Settings" -> "General" and then tab "About". Here you should see "Version", which is the only information we need.
  2. A copy of your poker log files only applicable if you're using the downloadable client on a Windows or Mac device.
    Windows users:Open "File Explorer" and go to the following folder: C:\Users\******\Documents\Unibet Poker. In this folder you'll see a file called ""Poker_log.txt", which is the one that we need. 

    Mac users: You'll find the Poker_log file in the general documents folder.