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Free bets/boosters -section crashes practically every time I try to use it (both Windows & Android)

This freezes the browser usually to a state where it needs to be rebooted to recover.

I have installed all recommended updates to both OS's

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Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @siikala3, welcome to the Community Smile
This is a new one for me as well. I can't remember if this was raised before. A couple of questions:
-What browser are you using
-Does the freeze happen after you select a profit boost or a free bet on your ticket and don't manage to place it?
-Would you please be able to provide os with a directXdiagnostic of your pc and a screenshot of the app version you are using?
-Information regarding the device you are using would also be vital (OS and all other data found in the "About" section in the settings)
-Screenshots if possible, the more and detailed the better.