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Fingerprint/biometric login issue on poker app

Esir mentioned an issue with the fingerprint login on iPhone/iOS (https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Bug-Reports/After-app-update-cant-log-in/idc-p/257397#M4172), and I'm curious to hear if anyone else is having trouble with it since last Friday?

"When I open the app it asks me for my fingerprint, I input it and after that a white screen appears briefly, like a web page and after that I am redirected to the credentials page"

Rank 18

I used to get the landscape login screen with touch ID option but for the past week or 2 I no longer get that option, just a portrait option of the username/password box, with no touch ID nor my details saved which is a bit of a hassle when trying to log in after a disconnection on the laptop.  

I also get the downloading assets update every time I load the app these days which I never had before.

Rank 10

I'm having problems as well. Started playing poker again after several months, and the authentication on the IOS poker app is severely broken. Often requires several attempts before I get in, and right now it's not even working at all anymore. Already tried 10 times. I think I'll reinstall and not turn on the fingerprint auth.