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Double (multiple) notification



- play using CHROME browser (Version 81.0.4044.138 (Official Build) (64-bit))

- I tile tables and run out to single one when notification appear (on whole window + on tiled one)

Maybe, it could be a case that it is a normal behaviour ?

Use tile and leave with just single tableUse tile and leave with just single table

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- hmm after receiving 4 messages while 'tile' play on 4 tables ... I do not see this report relevant any longer ...

EDIT: my bad, my apologize Thumbs Up

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Status changed to: Needs Info

I'm not quite sure I understand this one. You are playing one table on the web client. Tiling is enabled. You get a notification. While the notification is shown, you switch from tile view to "regular" view, and the notification is shown "again"? If so, I think that's how it should work Smile

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Well, think this one is not worth our time. Situation was that I played with TILE view ... running 4 tables ... than squeeze to single one (still TILE view mode). When closing last "CG" table I received notification about "Receiving funds from playthrough CG ticket". This appears on tiled view table as well as for whole window (nothing sooo bad I have to say). So you should change status to: Declined -> we have to move on after new redesigned version of client/browser version Thumbs Up