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Display issues

I would like to point to 2 issues I observed so far during play with using of mobile client app.


1) I'm unable to see name (alias) for players sitting on the top-edge of the table, because they overcrossed with hand id ...

2) if I turn-on tournament info icon/tab, I'm completely unable to see chips count of the player sitting to my left so I need to hide info tab which is sometimes really embarasing ...

 + further issue from all kind of "Bounty" tournaments (Freerolls included). Whenever there is a bounty mark on the player, his alias name is not fully displayed as they both overcrossing each other ...

I'm using Lenovo Yoga 2 which has 10.1" inches display which is pretty enough I think.

Unibet Poker Expert

Hi @MadAdo,

thank you very much for your constructive feedback.

I have forwarded your appearing issues to our developers to have a look at and hopefully find a fix for.

Please keep issues like this coming, with your help we will hopefully be able to improve the software and overall experience constantly.


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