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Client Crashes when opening an MTT Spectator Window after login (Windows/Android)

Unibet Poker

After playing own tournaments, spectator windows does not crash, even from different MTTs, but right after login and no playing, the first try of opening a spectator window ends up with the client crashing and exiting fully. Also tried it on my Android phone, and the app quit when trying to spectate.

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Hi @MrBandes, this is a new one for me as well. I'll send it to be investigated. Thanks for the report Ok and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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Just to add that when I try to spectate the client crashes and I have to log back in again.

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This happened only few times after the update. I did some tweaks and reinstalled the client and these days almost no crashes happen.

I'll post the things I've done if someone decides to try them:

@FreedoM wrote:
Maybe try and install "NET Framework, DirectX, Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Air, Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight" and get all you graphic card drivers up to date. See if it works u have nothing to lose. 

Actually I uninstalled all of the mentioned programs in order to reinstall the client and to see which ones are needed.

Now I have only :

1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2013Redistributable(86)-12.0.40660

2. Adobe AIR  Version

3. AdobeFlashPlayer30 NPAPI Version

Everything is running smoothly after that, multitabling without problems and the lobbies are correctly displayed too .

Maybe there was a fix released soon after the update.

Probably by getting rid of these programs the conflict which causes the crashes is no present anymore.

Hopefully this stable state will last longer or at least until the UOS end.

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Status changed to: Fixed

I believe this has been fixed. If that's not the case, please let us know!