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Cash game short handed tables solution


I heard many people complaining about the fact that they don't like playing cash games short handed, myself included. The dinamic of the table changes a lot when you play 3-4 handed instead of 6. This becomes even more difficult to manage when you play multiple tables at once with different number of players at each table.

Last night while I was playing some cash games I noticed something strange, I was playing 3 tables shorthanded and was in queue for another one. When suddenly the new table opened and new players joined in (i'm not 100% certain they were new because of the alias changing, but I'm pretty sure they were not the ones already playing)

So it looks like the algorithm seeds new players to tables that are being created instead of filling up the already existing ones.

I know the algorithm looks at the tables with the least amount of players on it and adds them to that one. I think with a simple change the logic behind the software should ignore tables in queue if there are still tables not full and seed new players there.

This is just my theory so I would be glad if someone more knowledgeable could confirm this. And even better if changes would be done.


Have a nice day,


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@Esir  you right! But I experience another "nasty" issue ... I would like to multitabling (up to max) most of the time. I hate opposite situation - I'm playing 3-4 tables and waiting for new one. During this period "new" players sits into my already existing tables instead of filling the new one I desperately waiting for ... so where is the reasonable balance here ?

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hi guys,

table balance both for cash games and tournaments is something we are already looking into and is pretty high up on our prioritization list.

I understand it's not ideal as it is but not exactly easy to fix with the quick lobby as it is.

Hoping to find a solution or at least improvement in the upcoming months.

Thanks for your feedback

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@MadAdo I think it's better to play 4-5 tables with full people than playing 8 tables 3 handed. From my perspective and as I mentioned it's harder to play short handed as ranges get very wide and you get in much more complicated situations. If you have 4-5 mind bending spots at the same time on the tables it will affect your play in a negative way.