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Browser poker client froze mid game!

Since there is no tech support e-mail or anything here at UB, at least that I can find,  I air my frustrations.

The browser poker player froze mid game, and of course my game ruined Veryangry I did not loose connection or anything so this one is on UB

And yes , it was a low buy in Sit and Go, but annoying AF!!!! 

Tried to reopen the window now, and there it is, the same game with me bleeding blinds and at a couple of 100 left.Disappointed Veryangry

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Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Fixed

Sorry to hear about this issue! - and sorry we haven't replied on here! @Viking74 

There's support by chat and email. Check this one out:

I'm not sure if you managed to get in contact with CS to get it resolved, but I've added 300 bonuspoints to your account as an apology for the slow reply. 

When you say froze, what exactly happened? Did the browser freeze, did you get disconnected at the table? Has it happened since?