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Browser client freezes

This has happened quite a few times recently and is getting pretty annoying since I have had some big hands sometimes when this happens.Unibet bug.png

When did it happen: 10/2/2020 around 22:57 Finland time maybe (and other times in the past)
Device type: Linux mint
On what client did it happen: Browser client 
Internet connection when issue occured: cable 
Bug description: Sometimes the poker games just freeze midgame on all tables (I have been playing cash games mostly and this has happens at a frequency of maybe once every 4 hours). When I close and reopen the client it looks like the screenshot attached. I have to close and reopen many times until it starts working again. By that time I have timed out and sat out on all tables. It happens on both Firefox and Chromium browsers. 
Presumed steps to reproduce: 
1. Play poker on the browser client 2.Wait until the client freezes

Here are my browser details:

I know the browser details say that adobe flash player is not installed however when I try to install the flash player from and choose Linux 64 bit Ubuntu apt version 32.0, it says "package adobe-flashplugin is already installed". Also I can play flash based games by simply clicking "click to enable adobe flashplayer"

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@Stubbe-Unibet  Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)) is it okay ? I should give it some test of course. Many thank you for your "present" -> I will gladly assist in indetify&resolve ongoing issues whenever have time for it Thumbs Up

Note in-between: with Firefox browser I got "frozen" only once in a while -> let's say 3-4 days running pretty good and than suddenly happened -> in somewhat worst possible case/time - you know the Murphy ...

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I've played Valentines 4000€ freeroll last time, when browser client stopped and had to change to normal one.

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Just had a total freeze with Chromium 80.0.3987.87

Had one last weekend too, but I messed up the screenshots that time Annoyed


Table ( perfect timing for the freeze Haha ):


DevTools console view:


I also have the log file saved that the DevTools generates, if this image is unreadable or if you need it for something else...

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Client dosent work at all

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Nothing work. Sportsbook or poker.

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A recent freeze a few days ago. Edit: Time was Sat 29 Feb 2020 11:41:46 PM EETScreenshot at 2020-02-29 23-41-46.png

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@Stubbe-Unibet  I got another client freeze today morning ... (Chrome browser: Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit))

Had also some of my money-in :(Had also some of my money-in Sad

I can provide full CONSOLE log file once required ... just let me know, please ...

+ extra: I experienced "Your session was expired" at least 4 times this week -> really annoying one especially when you are in the middle of tough spot and have a lot of money/value (cents Rofl ) IN ...


EDIT: most interesting part of CONSOLE LOG file:

index.js:1 exception thrown: SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 196608,SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 196608
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at Object._onNativeMessageEvent (
at _Native_Message_Event (
at wasm-function[11169]:0x32118b
at Module.dynCall_vi (
at invoke_vi (
at wasm-function[3664]:0xbc3c8
at wasm-function[11143]:0x320f00
at Module.dynCall_viii (
at invoke_viii (
runIter @ index.js:1
index_ems.js:1 [Window error] - Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 196608
window.<computed> @ index_ems.js:1
index.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token t in JSON at position 196608
at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
at Object._onNativeMessageEvent (app.js:1)
at _Native_Message_Event (index.js:1)
at Module.dynCall_vi (index.js:1)
at invoke_vi (index.js:1)
at Module.dynCall_viii (index.js:1)
at invoke_viii (index.js:1)

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@MadAdo  wrote:

+ extra: I experienced "Your session was expired" at least 4 times this week -> really annoying one especially when you are in the middle of tough spot and have a lot of money/value (cents Rofl ) IN ...


This is probably the same issue that's been discussed on another thread from this post on:


Thumbs Up for a fix today

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I'm still getting the freezes daily ( just had one again during the community tournament )

Do you still get those @CuteRaven  & @MadAdo  or am I the only one left with this problem? Teardrop

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@PurpsNot daily, but still somewhat often. Sometimes I have the other browser already open (but not logged in to Unibet) so that I can quickly get back to playing by using a different browser :P. Thanks for reminding me, I took a console screenshot some days ago and forgot to post it here. I think it's this oneScreenshot at 2020-03-17 00-46-28.png:


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And here's another one. I'm not even playing this time.... just railing the community tournament final table.


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This happens to me too, maybe a couple of times per session

Unibet Poker Expert

Thank you for the details guys! We're looking into it. Please report any further occurrences of this issue 

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Freeze again ( 21:36 CET ) while observing the community tournament final table.


Console screenshot:


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Today happened a few times when I played at the tables

what i notice:

1. only happens when you are at the tables

2. when my Google client crashed, chrome showed 100% processor performance in the task manager

3. in task manager google chrome 100% processor performance showed one process .......subframe

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@Purps  I'm switch to play via mobile phone (Xiamo Redmi Note 7 - by Chrome browser) and somehow it did not freeze for me any longer ... so maybe something have been already done ? ( @Stubbe-Unibet ) meanwhile Geek

On PC I'm playing via Chrome (Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official Build) (64-bit)) as well and all seems to be smooth last days ...

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I am having the same problem. It keeps happening. 

I am using a chromebook i3 8GB RAM, google chrome browser. Today it worked ok 1:30, then crashed. I had to restart it like 20 times, to work again. Unfortunately I was 4 tabling Sad

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 8.48.58 PM.png

Unibet Poker Expert

@RaulonY can you help with this one next time it happens?

4. Advanced, desktop only (not needed, but in some cases very useful)
Windows: If you've still got the browser client open, click anywhere within the client window and then hit F12 on the keyboard. You'll now see a window similar to the one on the below picture. Click the console tab and take a screenshot or copy and paste the text from this page. 

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On my Chromebook I don't have function keys like F12, but I can hit Shift+Ctrl+I and the same tabs open i think. That is how I use to open the Console. I'll take a screenshot next time.

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i have old windows 7 and work normal lobby...but casino games is very hard

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Hey guys. Anyone had any browser client issues recently? 
I've increased the priority on this issue,as we're getting more reports through CS, but I haven't heard anything hear for a while Smile

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Yeah, still happening daily. 3 times within an hour is my "personal best"

Just had a weird one 20 minutes back when I was waiting for the community tourney to start and had the tournament lobby open. Noticed that the number of entries didn't change at all, both the clock and the counter towards the starting time did run properly though. Did a refresh and indeed everything but the clocks had apparently freezed or stopped updating. This may be totally different from the table freeze case though, maybe worth mentioning though...

Unibet Poker Expert

Any information you can share, which might help us identify the issue, is more than welcome! I'll even give a €100 bounty to whoever figures this one out/gives the clue which leads to identifying the issue Smile

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Here is the stuck tournament lobby again. Clock and pause timer work correctly and I can also open the additional info part, but number of remaining players and the stack sizes don't ever change. I'm also able to exit the lobby but when I re-open it the stacks and remaining players are always the same and when opening lobbies of other tournaments player lists are empty. Only refreshing the browser client will update everything.


And here is DevTools console view from the above situation:


Could be that this has nothing to do with the table freeze bug itself, but then again maybe there can be some similarities... Wonder

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