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Bonus money issues

I just registerd and got 500 norwegian kroners in bonus when i deposited 100 kroners. But when i started to use the bonus i got, it used my 100 kroners of real money before it started 2 use my bonus.. And if i cancel it now i loose the bonus aswell.. can anyone plz fixx this issue ? i got over 100 kroners left.. i just need it transferred back 2 real money like it should have been. Totally wasted my money.. :S

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It shouldnt use the bonus money b4 ur real money should it ?

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ill make this a lesson learned.. and never return to online casino games.. its all a huge scam 2 grab our money :P went all in with the 100 bonus money but it went to HeartHeartsHeart. Adios useless website!

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Hi @Bitchybonus , wonder was the bonus offer you took something like "deposit 100kr and get 500kr"?
Those offers usually works in a way, that the 100 real money you deposit, turns into 500 "bonusmoney" that you play with, and you need to wager that amount first multiple times, before the amount you have turns into real money that you can withdraw or play into poker, for example.
I'm guessing it was a Casino offer?
Edit. Ah, I see it was. Well, those requirements can be a bit of surprise if you haven't played online casinos before, but the normal 25x-35x turnover requirements before being able to cash out are perfectly normal standard nowadays online, if you take a bonus offer. Unfortunately. The rules are always written in the offers details, but quite easily they can be left unread when in a hurry to play, and misunderstandings like this happens. I had that same feeling too when I did my first bonus offer on other casino.. Disappointed

ps. not a bug report..
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What @Rushbie said, always uses your cash first.

Either need to get a big win early on or play the least variance game you can.
I had a 25e one and managed to get the 25x playthrough and got a bit extra back aswell.