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Bingo Loyalty Wheel

I dont mind loosing monney but hey look att the pic ^^


 Havent had level 300 ish for about 2 year...who turfed my Loyalty and most important is the prices I get based on my correct level 417 or 336 on the spin I have there now, also see the spinns I already have taken this month..is the same.

Just saw it today....then remember that it been like this for some while...was to bussy playing poker and casino + bingo same time so forgot it...

@Jeppe-Unibet @Ray-Unibet a little help would be nice Smile



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@Zipfilthank you for bringing this to my attention, as I didn't realize it too. As you can see I'm 235lvl, but at the loylaty page says 147 Wonder

Screenshot_2018-12-12 Online Bingo - Cheap Tickets For All Players Unibet.png

 And for comparison there is a screenshot of mine loyalty:Online Bingo - Cheap Tickets For All Players Unibet.png


Maybe we should wait for an answer from @Maria-Unibet as she is the Bingo - Expert.




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Strange it is still not correct.. even cleaned my whole computer...

So for sure a bug

Don't like it at all, since now I got a vocher on the wheel for value about 9 Euro and inn the middle it should have cash about 125 Euro

So the big question remains, do this effect the wheel price... I hereby refuse to spend or play more before it have a solution.

Tried to play some today but never seen so bad RTP..

So I will bump this topic until I get a respons.

Status changed to: Investigating

Cheers for the report guys, indeed it looks a bit strange. We are having the provider look into it ASAP, I'll let you guys know about the resolution as soon as it's born Smile


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Hope I not bother you in this X-mas times but it would be nice whit a sollution since this bug is still alive Wink

Maybe it can get resolved before next year .....

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I am at lvl 225 but my loyalty rewards are at 173.

Rank 16


Happy new year Smile

Not to be rude or alike but .... do it realy take about 2 months or more to get a sollution\answer on this?

I am a patient person but it do have it limits...

I bet that if this was poker related the answer would come way faster....just a feeling Wink

Delays like this I have never experienced before and it dont actually "boost" my feeling for playing...hmm..

So hopefully it can be resolved since this problem is still there...

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@Ray-Unibet  , @Jeppe-Unibet  could you bring this issue to the attention of the bingo-expert(s), please.

No response for 3 months Speechless

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Bump Wonder

Unibet Bingo Expert

Hi all, 
Apologies for this being unanswered so long! 

I would like to reassure that there is currently no issues with the loyalty wheel reward structure.

There is a discrepancy within the "My loyalty" section where the 'level' displayed does not match the 'level' stated within the wheel or the 'level' stated within the ribbon. This was caused due to a system update by the software provider several months ago which caused previous history to be removed from the "My loyalty" section which can be seen by reviewing how far the history displayed starts from within your own account.

No removal of loyalty levels or payments have been made, it is a display discrepancy which we are working on to resolve. A player will continue to be rewarded with a spin for every level earned, this is not something that has changed.


We apologise for any confusion this has caused, and can confirm there is not issue with the reward structure.


Status changed to: Fixing