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[Android] Lot's of disconecting issues or issues when reopening the app

I had these problems already a long time, but sometimes I feel it's getting worse.

So what's happening?

Whenever I change connection (for example when I walk out of wifi zone into either another wifi or mobile data) 2 things can happen.

- Or the client takes more than 30 seconds up to a minute to get "reconnected". This results often in missing a few hands. Most of the times after this change the app runs really bad. I sometimes can't even press some of the buttons. Or it takes the whole timebank period for it to register my press. It occured because of this that I folded AA, just because I couldn't press. Even folded nuts on the river because of this Sad

- Or it takes more than a minute with the "trying to reconnect" on the screen, so I have to restart the app, resulting on sitting out on my tables (or again, losing pots that I shouldn't)

Then there is the issue when you want to open another app for a second, and then later want to come back. Actually kind of the same as above occurs.

- Or the whole app gets buggy. Can't always press buttons, cards or buttons don't even show up, that kind of stuff.

- Or I can't press anything at all and my screen stays frozen resulting in a restart of the app, which, again, takes some time.

Sidenote: I have a OnePlus3, which has a more than sufficent processor to run the app (actually to run any app which is on the market right now)

I already lost a lot of money because of this durning the past few months, sometimes just because I couldn't do anything, sometimes because it's so frustrating that it takes away the joy of playing. Really, when you're playing some high-paced game (sng's or (hyper)-turbo's, which I like the most), it's not cool when you have to restart the app 5 time sbefore you can play a hand. (and in that time lost already a huge chunck of your stack)

Hope this can get looked at and solved, because I actually play a lot on my phone (I think even more than on the desktop).

Kind Regards


P.s. Another small issue with the app, which is completely out of the subject here; your e-mail gets remembered right now in the app, but instead of the "@" there is a "%40" which you have to replace every time Smile

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@Chris-Unibet It happened again today and yesterday. (Yesterday it turned out good, because I still won altough I had to sit out)

But today following happened (both on desktop, browser app) in the 19:30 20 euro belgian qualifier and the 4 euro belgian qualifier starting the same moment. 

20 euro: I take action preflop and on the flop there are 2 overcards. I want to do a cbet and press raise, but at that moment the client hangs. I wait a bit till my timer runs out and press again a few times on raise, a bit later it connects back and I have to found out that I called a reraise (all-in) from another guy. 

4 euro: only a minute later or so I have 8hTh and I see evrybody limping. I want to limp aswell, but the client hangs again. I try to restart the browser client again, but it's completely bugged out. So I decide to check on my phone what happened, and I have to see that I would have flopped a straight (nuts), and later on even the flush... Really annoying.

Sidenote. Youtube is playing all the time, so my connection is pretty okay.

This is really getting on my nerves Sad 

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Lost another 40 because of DC issues :/ (I think it's clear when you see all the DC's in hand history Smile )

But I guess I'm gonna stop playing on my phone untill this seems fixed. (Or at least these higher stakes)

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Have you contacted customer support regarding a potential refund?

Regarding the app, I've forwarded your report and there's a ticket on developpers' end to investigate it. I'll let you know if they find anything specific (maybe issues on OnePlus3 specifically etc.) but unfortunately, I don't have anything to share yet. 

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Last evening I had a (4G) disconnection while playing on the App.

Everything froze, and the app never recovered.

I swapped to another app and returned, and was left with a black screen.

From account history, I can see that I was fremoved from the table at: 2017-05-16 21:05:20.

Annecdotally, I have reconnection issues with the downloadable software as well. When moving around the house, my laptop will skip between WAP's (while maintaining the same Network SSID). When this happens there seems to be an inordinate amount of time required forthe software to recover the connection. I was concerned that it was the fact my router has two Fibre Connections (with different IP's), but I still get the problem with one line disconnected.

Hope this helps,


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Just froze again.

Moved within house wifi jumped from WAP to WAP no problem, PokerStars (playing home game at the same time) came up with it's Network status thing, which then disappeared. Pokerstars game resumed no-problem.

Unibet game still frozen 5 minutes later...


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Update... seen the "how to post" thread, so adding:

DX Diag Display.pngDX Diag System.png

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@Chris-Unibet I'm going to ask here again, because support wasn't really good for me, it seemed that they don't really want to find a solution (maybe because it's not the international support). (The first time I have a bad experience actually)

I lost close to 150 euro in Belgian qualifiers already (actually it is more, because you should keep in mind the opportunities I missed by these disconnects, blinding out close to the bubble and so on and so forth.) (And then I'm not talking about cash games and other MTT's in the past, where I have good hands, I wnat to make a big pot, but villain can steal because I can't connect.)

They tell me I didn't give them enough proof, but the point is that I can't give more than I already did. I gave them the tourneys where they had to look for me being disconnected a lot (I can't give hands, because tourney history dissapears way to quick), I showed them screenshots where you can clearly see that my internet is good, yet I get the notification of being disconnected. But believe it or not, you can't show a hanging screen on a screenshot... and it seems that is what they want to see.

Please tell me what I need to do to prove that I'm really suffering from the android client... 

@Marco-Unibet@Jeppe-Unibet and @BonusPater sorry for tagging you guys here, but I know things can go a bit faster if you guys are on it Smile

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@VikingsAF Could you list for me the tournaments where it happened and we'll have it checked out? Smile

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@Jeppe-Unibet that's the problem, because the history disappears after about 48 hours.

But overall it are the 4 and 20 euro belgian qualifiers I play on sunday (19:30-22) and friday (18:30-21) (since then I'm on the go) so if you could check in these timespans (starting from friday the 5th) I'll see if I can find it out myself a bit more exact


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@VikingsAF Sent you a PM Smile

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Closing this one as it's from 2017. if still relevant, please create a new one @VikingsAF