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An Earlier Closed Late Registration

This happens to some tourneys despite the fact that in the description is written "...10 levels" in this particular one.

Also there are 12 players left and the paid places are 3, so no "late reg-autocash" prevention is the case when the registration closes early.

I have seen this bug numerous times and always leave the report for later...

If this continue to happen there is an overlay possibility which I've witnessed few times in no-time closed registration tourneys.

So I decided to report this for Unibet's and the late-reg players benefit.

6 min. earlier6 min. earlier




Community Manager
Status changed to: Investigating

@GothMoth Thanks for the report, it's beeing looked into by the developers and we'll post information here when we hopefully hear something soon - it's a rather unfortunate error!

Rank 20

Today it closed while still at 9th level - I registered at level 8 (just in case) Laugh

Again far from the 3 paid places 15/24 left.





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Indeed it's happening. Tried to late reg into this few minutes ago.
Wonder if it only happens at Singularity -games Wonder

Okay then..Okay then..

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Very strange bug Wonder  @Rushbie . And it's true it happens to Singularity MTTs or at least I haven't noticed it at others except in some qualifiers where it might happen for protection of the paid places.

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Ah, forgot to post the latter Bounty-version. Guess is not limited to Singularities after all @GothMoth


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This issue is still occuring just wanted to add this in case the dev team still needs confirmation.


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@Stubbe-Unibet  Late reg close early seem to still be a problem :/

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Declined

Closing this one as it's by design and not a bug. If we look at the original report, one player busted at 6th place early on, which then caps the tournament to 24 entrances (since 25 entrances will pay 6 players).

However, there is a bug where the tournament registration shows as open in the lobby (will show correctly, if you open the lobby for the individual tournament), as it'll change state according to the level and not when registration is actually closed. This one should be fixed in this months release or latest in the May release.

Rank 10

This is so frustrating. I want to register very late because I don't want to waste time. The Gargle Blaster Nano starts with 333 Big Blinds and I don't want to lose an hour with nothing happening. If you have a stack size by more than 16 times the pot size, it only makes sense to commit to the pot with NUTS, which obviously almost never happens, playing is useless. When I try to wait for almost an hour to pass, it closes registration way before the deadline. This happens to many other tournaments and I'm just waiting for nothing. If the tournament states something, then players will believe it is true. I just want to play late stages. Places paid should be changed accordingly to the registered players. If another poker platform states 1 hour late registration, it is always true, and they never cut it short, leaving people behind.

Unibet Poker Expert

@adriantempo , it's on our backlog as an improvement. It's not prioritized right now, but I'm hopeful we'll have resources for it later this year - that's without knowing the full scope of the change, which might be major Smile

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Very often I facing the problem of late registration, it seems to be half an hour before the end of late registration, but then I see that registration is completed, but the tournament does not disappear.

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Just now i wanted to register in some late register events and this is an example that show you can register ,but the button doesn't allow you :

register...nope you cant.JPG

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Shows that registration ends on 7 min but its already closed Wonder


Rank 23

Protection against abuse  of late registration works great at Nano level, these games are just too fast Rofl

Unibet Poker Expert
Status changed to: Investigating

If the registration closes early with 15, 22, 29, 36, 43, 50, 60, 73, 100, 127, 174, 232, 290, 348 or 406 players registered, it's because of the above mentioned designed.

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Tried again after this so it wasn't that tourny was full same time i tried first time