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200€ Tourney does only pay 156€

Today i registrate for a 200€ tourney but after the registration was closed the prizepool changed to 156€

Unibet Poker_2019-01-13_01-08-49.png

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this value of € 156 should be for reference only, if it exceeded € 200, it would be more than that. € 200 was certainly the minimum value. should have put the value at the end of the tournament I think.

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75 eneries + 51 rebuys + 40 add-ons = 166 - 6% = 156,04

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I get what you mean but i thought that a 200€ tourney guarenteed pay 200€

@Leo-Unibet pls help Smile

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 I think they lowered guarantee, but forgot to change in description

Unibet Poker Expert

@CreativeLe @successlaw @TTABKATA @Gogogo

Hi @CreativeLe Thanks for pointing out this typo, it's updated now.

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Hi @CreativeLe Thanks for pointing out this typo, it's updated now


Ty appreciate it Smile

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Status changed to: Fixed

Changing status to fixed. As mentioned above, the GTD in the tournament name was not updated accordingly, when changing the GTD, but it's been fixed by Lwo.