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psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

Congrats to the results. What are your impressions, since the ticket's exchange is over are the UO satties especially the €50's softer?

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

THanks @triceraatopp I'll see you on the tables hopefully. I'm messing about on YT and excel, if I get stuck I'll shout. 

It Is What It Is
triceraatopp Rank 15
Rank 15

So I hope this is easy to follow @GR1ZZL3R Smile If I have all the data in one place its very easy to do a diagram in excell, we simply mark the data we want to show in a diagram and click the "insert" tab and "line diagram" (shown in next picture).

The mistake I think most people do when they try & that make them give up is that they mark the whole column of data and get a result looking something like thisScreenshot_99.png


We only want to mark the data that will go in the diagram, so instead of clicking the "T" column tab we just drag down to the bottom. Then follow the steps below Smile

Screenshot_87.pngMake sure you dont mark the whole column, only as far as you have put in values.Screenshot_88.pngThird tab "Insert" and line diagramScreenshot_89.pngThis will pop up and you choose layout up top , to the left of the diagram layouts there is the option of choosing colour themes.Screenshot_90.pngClick on desired one and move it to the sideScreenshot_91.pngChange headline by clicking and writing.Screenshot_92.pngDone Smile

When we keep playing we dont need to make the whole process over again, we can keep the diagram on the side of our spread sheet and when we want to update the graph we right click on it and choose "mark data" or whatever the tab is called in non swedish excell.  

IScreenshot_93.pngWhen you want to add more data later on you right click on your diagram and choose "Mark data" -the 5th option

That will make this window pop up and here we see on top something called Diagramdataintervall where the last 3 numbers, in my example 170, is the same as the amount of values I had when i made the diagram. If I now have 200 values I simply replayse 170 with 200 and press ok. It will now include all the new and old data. 

Screenshot_94.pngThis will pop up and you see the marked number 170 is the amount of data posts I had at the time, just change that number to the new amount you have and it will update itself Smile

If you have several data in one sheet and want to have a graph of only part of them we have to extract that part. This is probably possible to do in easier ways but this is the only way I figured out so hope its fine Smile 

First we need to extract the data we want to graph. I choosed here to go with the UK qualifiers. I go to the tab "Data" and "Filter"

Screenshot_95.pngIf I want to diagram specifik data I go to the tab "Data" and choose "filter"

That allows me to see a little arrow on top of my columns and I click that and unmark everything but the "Uk qual".

Screenshot_96.pngChoose the cathegory you want to extract data from, for my example I will use Uk tour sats.

When extracted it would be great if the bankroll column recalculated for the shown values but its not as you can se and I have not been able to figure out how to make it do so so instead of fighting another loosing battle with Excell I simply copy the values from "Total Buy in" and "result" and paste them in to an empty page.

Screenshot_97.pngWhen extracted I copy my BI and win columnsWhen pasted in the empty page I just redo the very simple bankroll calculation formula.

Screenshot_100.pngI paste them in a empty page and write the formula for result calculation by writing = and click the win - the Buy inScreenshot_101.pngnext square i do the same but here i also + the previous squareScreenshot_102.pngthen i drag it down and it will fill in the rest itself.

When all done I mark the data from the newly calculated  "Bankroll" and again go to Insert and choose my diagram Smile This I have to redo every time but its quick when you know how to Smile

Screenshot_103.pngI mark the data i got (-4 until 415) and again go to "insert" "Linediagram" and Voila!

triceraatopp Rank 15
Rank 15

@psrquack wrote:

Congrats to the results. What are your impressions, since the ticket's exchange is over are the UO satties especially the €50's softer?


Thank @psrquack Smile I would say yes they are softer but the variance is much higher. It is ofc very very good to have alot of weak players in the field but when you are unable to steal blinds bcs for example your shoving range change from 50% to 10% with 2 maniac callers in the blinds you get more dependent on getting good hands then on accualy knowing icm.. to have a maniac or to on the table is fine but when there is 7 of them you balance on a very thin line between blinding down and busting bcs they call about 400% looser then they should.. (not exadurating).


Kliedz_Zivju Rank 13
Rank 13