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psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

@cris1285: yes it was before the comeback of the bounty system. I wasn't satisfied with the result too. Hands in key situations wasn't my friend, but I can't blame noone about it, because I also made bad decisions and that's poker. Thanks for the nice words, I also enjoy playing against skilled players like you which happened many times in the past weeks.Thumbs Up

psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

-Wanna join to my party?

-Err, I had never realized that I will be invited to such a special event, so yes, I gladly accept your invitation. How many people will be there?

-Not so many, only a selected group of guys and gals ..... and everyone, who will buy a ticket.

 The 5-year promotions are on their way and I clearly remember my first ITM in the new client. It was an Omaha freeroll and I finished in the seventh position which granted me a €1 MTT ticket, but building something new means usually big chance for errors and I didn't receive my ticket. I contacted with LC and some hours later I got my well earned ticket. The not relevant problem was that I have won an Omaha one and with that ticket I was able to play Holdem tournaments only. Shouldn't i bosom the client after that?

Time passes rapidly and some days ago the new missions appeared in the client. I'm not a qualified party killer but after reading the terms and conditions of the current promotion I felt like customer who was trapped with a unit linked insurance  in where the benefits aren't so great in the real world like in the plans seemed to be. For some time past I feel that a company act like a player, who always use the insurance bet option at the blackjack table. It started with the raise of the eligible stakes at the Moving On UP promotion (at the beginning NL4/PL4 stakes were included) and followed by the Unibet Open twitch stream freerolls in where the real freerolls were replaced with €0.01 buyin centrolls, but they keeped the name freeroll, then I ckecked the 3b part of March mission (play 10 SNG's or Hexapros) and ended with the current 5 year promo, in where you can win a very special avatar if you clear all the missions. I'm engaged to play here, but that prize seems like a pig in a poke. It can be awesome, but I won't make any special effort outside my limit to get it and I think that is the biggest problem of this promotion, it doesn't eager the players to play more.Let's see the first mission reward: it's a nice reward till you realize that you don't need to complete the missions and risk €2 when you can reach the same goal with putting €1 on the table. Yes, I know that you can finish with profit and in that case the tourney was free to play and there is a very special avatar mission too, but my +EV calculator doesn't show me the lost value in the direct buyin method. Btw: I can't forget my disappointment when client lured me with an €1 MTT ticket reward, which was correct, but it was forgot to mention that thicket isn't a generel €1MTT one and you can use it in one tourney only. How to aviod the situations like this? Read all the terms and conditions carefully.

cris1285 Rank 21
Rank 21

I have too agree on some parts. The special avatar for the first mission is nothing special actually Rofl Spoiled party, lets see the last, very special one. 

But the mission freerolls are very juicy, if i can ship one (or finish second again), i would become a real partyboy In Love

psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

The relevant part of the thread: Dara O'Kearney releases poker book on satellite strategy. All other sentences are independent from that news and not worth to read it. I think you deserve some reward for your click.

I really hoped that day won't come but I accumulated all my results twice and it shows I could start the second part of my challenge if i wouldn't have separated my bankroll to sneaky and regular part and wouldn't have donked out the sneaky part for MTT's. Today could have been the third opportunity for success after losing KK and AA from 2 and 1 players from the money in the €2 Step it up tourney's, so i have to make changes in my plan. I'm not far from the 100 irregular freerolls, when I will reach it I will stop playing them and I will concentrate to the regular bounty ones. All stats will come after that.


psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

Its time to start the cash game grind. Bankroll:€16.20+€2.03 for monthly challenges.

Playing too many bounty freerolls means prefering the instant bounty chance instead of a ticket. Bounties are next to you and those juicy tickets seems to be too far away. I wish I would be a player who can refuse the siren songs of the easy bounty and could play my A game during all the tourneys, but usually I'm trying to collect as many bounties in the early phase of the tourney as I can. I know this play is far from the ideal game, but I reach the later phase too rarely. Maybe there is a correlation between my loose play and the farewell ticket places thing, who knows?

So I'm trying,


preflop trying,


from every position


with every hand


collecting your bounty,


because the bounty is mine!


It seems not only the poker rooms, maybe the RNG also doesn't tolerate predatory behaviour, but sometimes, when cards didn't find me in the early stages and I'm fighting for survival and won the necessary double ups I reach the second phase of the tourney which starts after the break. The blinds are usually too high and my chips aren't too many so this combination is a high way to bust, but today morning I got the outs, the calls and I was able to use my odds well, so I finally made it.


I was ready to reach a fantastic result, or at least convert the whole sum of the ticket into cash, but i lost the final battle against the strongest boss, who tilted me within an hour.


That happened almost every hand and i sadly said goodbye to my postflop raises and hoped the issue will be solved within a short period, but that didn't happen and i started tilting and called a preflop allin with KTs. It wasn't a big surprize that the preflop allin guy had pocket aces. I still tried to find the rescue boat and grind myself back to the game, but this time that effort wasn't enough.


After a several disconnection problem I made a +EV call and added the remaining sum to my bankroll:


The free ticket gave me the opportunity to complete the second anniversary mission:

€2 anniversary missions.png

I registered to the anniversary freeroll but later I tought i usually run bad at similar giveaway freerolls so I used the special ability of the ticket and jumped in to the €2 Step-it -up €80GTD tourney.


So i made it. Thanks to today's winning i'm able to try to clear the second part of the first March Mission. Hopefully I will be able to run for the I./3 too. The statistics of my regular pool is: €3.58+€2.31 from bounties=€5.89


The final result of the irregular pool looks like: played 82 games and won €4,48 from that.


I have spent 10 bullets on €0.40 qualifiers to the €2 tickets+ on 16 Unibet Sinaia live stream centrolls+ one bullet on Davitsche's centroll without any cash return, so the remaining €0.31 went also to the common bankroll, so my grand total seems like €10+€5.89+€0.31=€16.20 cash game+€2.03 March missions try.

ticket qualifier.png0.01.png


SkilfulPoker Rank 18
Rank 18
Great progress, keep going!
psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

Nothing but plans

Yesterday was a great day, because I played my first community league freeroll. Albeit I made a lot of mistakes during the play I really enjoyed it and with the help of that tourney I cleared the second part of the first March mission...


but I earned the ticket for compensation when 2 HexaPro and Hexapro flip freerolls didn't started and those tournaments were a special one for bettors which means the community tournament was outside of this challenge so it doesn't count.

value bet.pngTough decision after checks on many streets.

I also lost the Heads Up SNG so the current bankroll is €17.23. I will play Omaha cash games with €2 buyin. I set up main and side  challenges for myself. My first main challenge is to reach €7 buyin during cash game sessions 5 times and the side challenge is to reach €4 during one session and play 10x €1 ticket qualifiers from the profit.

Main challenges:

1, Playstation+accessories (€1k)

2, Subnautica (€50)

Side challenges:

1, Win the €2 ticket in the Unibet Open freeroll (0 attempts)

2, Play the Good Luck Mr. Gorsky! tournament

3 and more: Will be revealed later


psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

For serious poker players: I cleared my first side mission and revealed the third one. Good luck with your grind.

Sometimes you get a present what you don't deserve. That happened to me when I cleared my first mission right after my fourth attempt. I jumped into the next stage and made a horrible call with KTs preflop. I lost it against A3 and I have no excuse for this. It was so great playing something without checking if thetre is a bounty situation or not or with more hundred players on board. I enjoyed being an I-call-it-because-i-like it player, so yes, it was worth to add this challenge to the list, which one I finished with a real preflop coinflip (66-mine vs. A7-big stack).


It's time to reveal the third step of side missions:

1, Win €2 Unibet Open ticket

2, Play the Good luck, Mr. Gorsky! tournament

3, Play all the tournaments of one stop of the Davitsche League

4 and more will be revealed later.

Rank 20

@psrquack , why you need to play exactly Good luck, Mr. Gorsky? Smile Wonder

psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

@TTABKATA wrote:

@psrquack , why you need to play exactly Good luck, Mr. Gorsky? Smile Wonder

Because I think I have inspirated the name of the tourney.Smile