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psrquack Rank 25
Rank 25

For serious grinders: reading this blog doesn't give you any edge. Just skip it.

As title says this is my third attempt to successfully finish a personal challenge. Hopefully I can unite this blog with the previous ones, but this can be an unfinished promise too. So what happened since my last post? After I have realized the fail of my previous challenge i decided to make a little break and things getting worse and worse. Some respected community users have decided to left the community so due to the boringness of talking lonely i had to suspend my activity in the crap talk offtopic too. The last bad news was the throw back of the idee of of the second quackroll. I have offered various ways to make that idea come true (I will make a deposit and Unibet will reduce the prizepool from my account or Unibet will give me a poker bonus and after the clearing i would get the freeroll instead of money) but due to the current regulations there is no way organizing a private freeroll. So taking a break seemed to be the best idea.

Some weeks later Unibet faced with bounty freeroll problems and removed the bounties from all the freerolls. I don't want to compare this case to the stop of the ticket exchange but for freerollers this was a big punch in the middle of their face. So I started to play cash games, SNG's, MTT's, tried Hexapro but I didn't feel the rhytm. It was good, it was interesting, but I missed the smell of the challenge, when you make a rule, that you can't deposit and every bad decision or tilted session has their own punishment.

Some days ago I got a confirmation that bounty freerolls won't return in the next months so that was the right moment when i decided to make an another from zero to console challenge. Why this? Because i saw some Subnautica gameplay and I really want to play with that game and I never had any console so I think it's time to buy one for me in the end of the year.

The first step of the challenge is winning 5 tickets from freerolls or using the sneaky way and accumulating €3 from Twitch streams.

FreedoM Rank 21
Rank 21

Good Luck in Your New Challenge! Cash

As for Subnautica, i played it and almost had a heart attack from the monsters lurking in the depths. Speechless

But its a fine game and i recommend it. Smile

“The unfed mind devours itself.” – Gore Vidal
Bing__ Rank 17
Rank 17


Follow my poker blog as I build a €1K roll from scratch!

Bing's Bankroll Builder

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

 Third time lucky @psrquack Thumbs Up

It Is What It Is
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SkilfulPoker Rank 18
Rank 18

"or using the sneaky way and accumulating €3 from Twitch streams." Laugh

Good luck you got this! Will be nice to follow your progress over the coming months!

psrquack Rank 25
Rank 25

RYE says reading something else is useful.


Yesterday I have met with my best friend, who also plays poker, but his territory is the always wawing ocean of Pokerstars, and we spoke about the fields, the bonuses and of course the client. He told my stories about the pro, who thinks increasing the rake is good for the players, the anti pro measures and the feeling observing the high stakes tables when a  whale is in action and I told him something about the soft fields, the live event qualifiers and the life without tracking software. After i went home and started the client I recieved one new notification. I though I have got some present but it was a late notification alert from the day before. That was the moment when I realized what's wrong with the client, why funkctions are missing and why lasts it so long repairing a simple bug like this. The client is in early access mode. Most of the funkctions are working, but developers have a lot to do till the updated and bug free version.

I think that's the reason why they couldn't solve the bounty freerolls bug which currently makes a road very slippery for players who want to start building a bankroll from nothing but all of you know the phrase about the efforts and goals. So I did a little assessment in the previous days, tasted the water of freeroll sharks, rolled with Davitsche followers and observed some €1 MTT's to figuring out the best way to leave the freerolls and jump in the world of cash game tables. I never thought that I still have the killer instinct in my fingers when somebody goes allin and I want to call him and collect the bounty. This is a bad habit or let's say more professional it's a leak like calling someone's preflop with almost premium hands or with TPTK on the flop when you know your enemy's VPIP is less than 10% and  the PFR should be also around 7%. Oh man, why am I trying to showing better poker skills then I have? The correct form of the last sentence iseems like this: this is a bad habit like calling someone's allin preflop who only showed premium hands yet. It's better going back to plan:

My main road will look like:

  •   tickets from regular freerolls
  • late registration to Singularities when there are at least 12 places to pay and ticket fits to one till I reach €10
  •  start playing Omaha cash game with €2 buyin
  • if I bust i will repeat the previous steps.


The sneaky way:

  • accumulating €0.30 from non regular freerolls (twitch, jackpot, occasional)
  • playing the €0.30 qualifier to €2 ticket
  • playing the €2 Step-it-up
  • repeating the previous steps till success
  • start playing Omaha cash game with €2 buyin
  • after bust repeating all the steps again.


The test period will end on Monday, next week I will follow this plan.

psrquack Rank 25
Rank 25

Every hand revealed, but reading this thread won't increase your winrate.

I always try to warn serious grinders reading my posts, because nobody likes being trapped with the lurking of relevant posts and we all know-especially in poker- the phrase: time is money. That was the reason why I deleted a promotional mail from the bonus or marketing department when I have read the following question in the title of it: Are you one of the hexapro jackpot winners? Well, you guys know all my details, my aliases and on the other hand you have the list of the winners, you can pair the dates and can answer to the question, you don't need to ask me about it. Ok, I know this was a promotional mail, because Kindred wants to seduce as many players toward the hexapro promotion as it can, but please, any relevant question would be appreciated.

One of those relevant questions would be the future of the community. Glad to see, that employees from the poker department are very active here and thanks to the weekly series promotion the reign of freerolls will end shortly and we will have some relevant discussion about the real poker hands and maybe some hand analysis will also happen. On the other hand that will a little separate the community, because spending +€41 more every  week isn't admissible for everyone but I hope some mid stakes regular will settle here and will show an instance and will motivate players to step forward. I'm pretty sure the winner of the league will get awesome prizes (my tip is a UO package) and others will be also satisfied. This month's another mission was to settle some 2+2 regular here with the offer of helping to improve/test poker products when they are in early phase and I think that ended with success too. I have also applied for one seat of the group but after took a closer look to the other applicants I realized that featherweight duck has no chance in the heavyweight field.

Last but not least it's time to write something about the progress of my challenge. Currently i'm in mood when you started running and you are in the middle of it. You are not tired yet, but the euphoria which the start of the new thing gives you is over. I'm fine and trust in the long term. More details will be added after 100 games.

psrquack Rank 25
Rank 25

Terrible bubble play on my side


Today I've made a big mistake in the endphase of the morning freeroll. After a long march only 19 player left and I found myself in the red zone, which means i couldn't survive the next visit of my old friends, the blinds and their well loved dog, the ante. I find a time machine, so let's see what happened:

m.pngI layed my eggs at a happy foursome table. The MTT ticket was so close, the syncronized hand for hand option just started and of course I was in trouble again. I don't think going allin would be the best option, because the BB could have been forced to fold, but the SB had too many chips and a call wouldn't hurt it, so I folded my cards this time.


SB used his stack wisely in the last hand and nobody called his allin. The pressure was growing and I opened the other tables to check what's going on. I didn't feel this would be the best situation with an easy showing dealer and 2 other competitors, but supervising this hand again I should admit that was the moment when the control run out of my hands.

After another uncalled allin from the big stack I faced with the following situation:


Albeit all the other players had the chips and the chair and we were still in the bubble there is no excuse folding that hand, but  I thought big stack will go allin every round and others playing foldem for ticket game and someone could also being blindfold at the other tables, so maybe i will get better cards in the next round.


Other players were also near to abyss, but I was the running dog of the tournament. This was really my last chance buying hope for the next 4 rounds, but I missed it again. I realized that 2 players besides me will be forced to go allin in the next round, but I skipped the fact, that both players had more chips than me so I should win my multiway pot with random cards against 2 players, because big stack went allin in every previous rounds so why should he stop it when he could eliminate 2 players just with a simple call? I should learn going allin against someone with every two cards is more ev than going allin with every two cards against 2 opponents.

That's all for now, I say good bye with my last hand from this tourney:


Btw did you realize that the caption is  €0 HexaPro - Prize pool €0 -Replay on the top left corner? Well, Unibet is full of surprizes.