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Today in 20: 00 BST (22: 00 Kyiv, Minsk, Moscow) on Twitch  an unique game will take place with participation Джейсона of Сомервилля and command Run It Up under the name Chat Plays Poker. Three from four places at the table Chris Манимейкер, Joe Стэплтон and member of command Run It Up, will occupy Jess Фуллен, and a fourth player the gathering audience of channel, that will determine the actions of Джейсона Сомервилля, will become. Thus, primary initiative will come from Соммервилля offering a few variants, and a final decision will be accepted by voting. "We will give to the audience, i.e. to all those experts in a chat, possibility to check the skills to look, whether it will work in the real poker", - Сомервилль said. It is expected that a game will last about two hours, and for participating in voting an audience needs to push the button "Vote on the action" in the left overhead part of screen.