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triceraatopp Rank 15
Rank 15

I was gonna guess that you wouldent fail, that you would make it the whole year Very Happy but after a quick excell check i realice that 66795eur without any set backs might be a it tough so I will go for day 45. GL!!!

Nestabear Rank 22
Rank 22

Only saw your chalenge now @GR1ZZL3R. I think you gonna make it to day 29 Buds 

Good Luck !

Always remember... You can be... do... or have anything your heart desires !
cris1285 Rank 20
Rank 20
MadAdo Rank 16
Rank 16

@GR1ZZL3R wrote:

Again three short sessions but all going the right way.

Screenshot (1454).png 

This one I'd only just started, won the first hand and then a knock on the door interrupted, by the time I got back I was off the table, one of the advantages of cash not being blinded out. Happy

Screenshot (1456).png 

Third session was after debating wether to continue after hitting a target, this time it produced a bit more so pretty happy so far. Happy

Screenshot (1460).png

Screenshot (1463).png 

Just under 24 hours to post your prediction,  @successlaw @psrquack @BlackbirdSWE @triceraatopp have commented but no guess, @Nestabear @VikingsAF @FreedoM @AndreiBN @CharismaMan @pittpitt and too many more to mention, all welcome. Thumbs Up

@GR1ZZL3R  you nearly doubled profit each day so far !!! Keep it running despite my holly-cow day 7 prediction ! You can earn more for sure Thumbs Up

I see no limits for you, just do whatever you can each day and surprise us all Popeye

VikingsAF Rank 21
Rank 21

Hey man

I had some busy periods, but I'm going for the 16th (if I'm still alowed to join Smile )

I see now that the circumstances of ones birth are irrelevant... It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.
GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

@AndreiBN @triceraatopp Ultimately I will fail at some point but it's all down to how far I've got before that happens.Rofl Some optimistic predictions give me hope. Rofl

@VikingsAF still open for business till midnight tonight. Thumbs Up

@cris1285 I used to watch all the Marx brothers films over and over again, not to everybody's taste but they were funny at the time. Rofl

A one hour session this morning started very well, AA twice winning, but one cooler took most of my gains, 4.64 up so far today. I'm going to try to get well ahead Thumbs Up or fall behind Sad ready for a big push. Scared

It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

The first setback came this afternoon. After a steady build up a big pot goes wrong.

Screenshot (1471).png 

A 3 way all in pre comes out the wrong way, immediately followed by another blow.

Screenshot (1473).png 

I managed to claw some back but ended the session down, and now 6.08 down on the day

Screenshot (1475).png 

Some work to do tonight.Scared



It Is What It Is
anyone Rank 15
Rank 15

Sh#t, i.e. variance, happens! You are doing fine mate @GR1ZZL3R, just keep grindingPopeye

psrquack Rank 24
Rank 24

Here is some help for the session, please welcome the Duckbeater.Thumbs Up