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GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

@Brocky wrote:
I’m only going to satellite to Manchester if you’re going Griz.

Next Monday will be the big update, so we'll see how it's going, but that is such a huge incentive. Thumbs Up

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It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

From now on, at least for the forseeable future, I'm concentrating exclusively on the qualifying satellites for the UK and UO tour. 

Screenshot (4355).png

These are the totals, mainly from playing €0.20 satties and a few €1, off and on, hit and miss, as and when I've felt like it. I've spent around €40 getting this far so I'm reasonably pleased with the results and it's time to get to serious work and see how far I can go. For the UK I'll play each €1 as it comes up, the early ones don't tend to start regularly even though only 5 are needed to begin now, and the €4 in the evening, tickets permitting, the same with the Saturday night €50 final. I'll do the same with the UO, play the €1 and €2  as they come but not go for the higher ones just yet till I've a bit more ammo, and I'd like to concentrate on one path, probably the 2<10>50>250, I'm not actually sure if one is more optimal than the other. I'm hoping the exchangers help, I'll reassess every day and just see how long I can keep going.

Screenshot (4357).png 

The lobby is set up for my tickets only, I won't be playing anything else at all unless anything free comes my way, like the double trouble ticket that appeared this morning. That just shows how I've beeen running in cash again. I've had 23 attempts at the Rags to Riches game, got to level three once for 1 flip ticket, running way under expectation.

Cash:            Waterfall

Hexapro:      Waterfall

SnG:              Waterfall

PLO:              Waterfall

RtR:               Waterfall

Missions:     Waterfall

Satellites:     Smile


It Is What It Is
psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26

Presence at make us proud last edition:Waterfall

MetalWolf Rank 19
Rank 19

Good luck mate! 

One thing to think about is to also play the generic €1 sats into €5 tickets. Reason being is there is a tournament each day (7.45GMT and not sure if there are any others) that is a €5 to a €50 ticket. It's 2 tix GTD and allows one re-entry rather than rebuy which is better. There are also rebuy versions with more tix gtd but obv potentially more expensive (although I'm sure they overlay a lot).

This ticket can be used for the UK final or UO semi final. Better odds than 4-->50 if playing it as a freezeout and cheaper than if you had to spend a rebuy in the UK4 level!

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

Thanks for that info @MetalWolf , I would never even have looked at that as it is. I am thinking of playing other satties as well depending on structure and pay out, so may have stumbled on it by accident, but every little edge can help so Thumbs Up


It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

I haven't specifically played the missions for a while so while running not very well in the satties I thought I'd give them a go.

1b.   3 Hexanonos.   All 3 were 1.5, won 1 lost 2.                                                  Wonder

1c.   10 flops PLO then 10 flops NLHE next day. Straightforward.                     Smile

2b.   PLO blackjack.  Straightforard.                                                                        Smile

2c.  SnG one day, Hexanono the next. 2nd and lost.                                             Wonder

3a.  Play a Bounty tourney.   Won 3 bounties, not itm, small profit.                    Smile

3b.  10 SnG or Hexanono. 2nd in first SnG then lost, switched to 

        4 Hexanonos at same time, all 1.5, won 2 lost 2, 2nd batch of 4,

        won 3 lost 1, overall a small loss.                                                                     Annoyed

3c.  Dealt 72, got it in less than 20 hands, small profit.                                        Smile

4a.  Double up in Banzai. I won the first hand but only up to €1.96 

       Annoyed it took another 10 mins or so to get there. Profit.                        Smile

4b.  A 2 seat SnG and a 5 seat next day. Won the HU, surprise surprise,

       lost the 5 seat one, no surprise.                                                                         Wonder

4c.  Dealt all one suit twice in PLO. The first one came very quickly,

       the second went into the next day, probably over 2 hours in total,

       a small loss.                                                                                                            Annoyed

5a.  Play 3 x 1.5 Hexanonos. This one took a while, first one won a 10,

       Rofl  then won a 3, Rofl lost a 5 and a three, played 10 in total 

       before getting 3 x 1.5. Unusual.  €5 profit.                                                         Rofl

5b.  Double up in NLHE.  Actually took 3 hands, Rofl                                            Rofl

5c. 10 flops NLHE and 10 flops PLO in an hour? An hour in total, or 

       within an hour of completing one. Wonder Loaded one table of

       each and just played till the icon told me I'd finished. Doubled up 

      pretty quickly at NLHE and small plus at PLO.                                                    Rofl


I'd started the month with €200.01 after a small withdrawal, trying to make a round figure for ease of calculations but missing it by 1 cent. Annoyed

Screenshot (4368).png annoying when it does this.

and finished the missions with a profit.Rofl

Screenshot (4398).png  (better ) so happy days so far.Thumbs Up


On the whole there is a good mix of game types and I think the point about the missions is to get everybody playing the whole mix of games, but some players simply don't like some types. If you're not a cash PLO fan then sitting there for hours waiting to be dealt a certain type of hand is not going to make you want to come back too soon. I'm a fan of having to play, having a target to go for, not just sitting waiting as in PLO Blackjack, what's the point?

I'm also not a fan of knowing all the missions beforehand, some players will just look at them and say "I'll play up till 2c or 4b." I thought the Advent missions last December were much better, they lasted the whole month, you didn't know what was coming and you didn't have to play them all but a certain amount to get in the final freeroll. We're only 7 days into the month and the freerolls are filling up already. I know the rewards are being looked at with a view to an overhaul so I'm hoping that includes the missions to make them a bit more proactive rather than passive.

Back to the satties, an update tomorrow after the community freeroll tonight. 

Run Good. Thumbs Up









It Is What It Is
psrquack Rank 26
Rank 26

I think they made the missions easier to let the players try their luck on the UO qualifier (the last reward is the ticket) and giving them chance to secure their place asap.

GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

@psrquack I know you and others aren't fans of all the UO tickets on offer at the moment but they are Unibet's flagship tourneys so can't really blame them for pushing these. Maybe things will change when everything is re-worked. Thumbs Up

It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

A mixed week that started off poorly but pulled around at the weekend. 

I think it was just run bad not particularly bad play,  but starting the week with great enthusiasm didn't seem to do any good, I just couldn't get anywhere early on. No tickets won from the 10 or so I played, every all in met with suckouts and bad beats. To be honest it hurts when every time you get your chips in ahead and lose, but the consolation is that at least you were ahead (most times) so not reading the situations too badly. I played the evening UK €4 four times and went out with a big pair every time,  JJ x 2, KK x 1 and AA x , a bit depressing as I was so close twice. 

I decided to have a proper session all day Saturday and that pulled the week round a bit.

11:20.  UK €1   Won           

12:20.  UK €1   Lost

13:20.  UK €1   ------

14:05   UO €1  Won

14:20.  UK €1   ------

14:25.  UO €2  Lost

15:05.  UO €1  Won

15:15.  UK €1  Won

15:20.  UK €1  ------

This was far more like the normal run of results. The first UK €1 had been a real battle, only five starters for 4 tickets, eventually 10 players but soon down to 5 on the bubble, the longest and tightest I've seen yet. An hour in and nobody was giving anything away.

Screenshot (4402).pngDown to 9 blinds average.Screenshot (4403).pngSix blinds average.

Then comes a decision.

Screenshot (4404).png

The short stack goes all in and I have the goods. If I win the tourney is over, if I lose I'm still in but not the shortest stack.

Screenshot (4405).png

I just Hearts poker.

Screenshot (4406).png

Five blinds each.

Screenshot (4407).png

Eventually it was over, I can't remember how but it wasn't me that took someone out. First ticket of the day, but it was going to be tough if they were all like that.

As it turned out I hit a hot streak, flopping four sets in a row over the course of 15 minutes on two tables, a flopped nut flush against two aggro opponents and other hands holding up, even on the river, Wonder converting two tables at a time.

Screenshot (4438).png  RoflRofl

Time for a break. Smile

17:25  UK  €4  Won.

This was the last UK €4 of the week before the final so I was really pleased to convert this, eventually 3rd place out of 25 with 3 tickets on offer.

That took nearly 1 1/2 hours leading virtually straight into the UK €50 weekly final, and tbh I shouldn't have played it. I'd had a long session for me and was fairly tired from the last tourney so should have called it a day, but with winner's tilt I regged without thinking and only 10 minutes in I knew I shouldn't have. I've played so many times when not in the mood or tired and the results show it, I should have known better.

Screenshot (4436).png

Some might call it bad luck but I think I could have got away if I'd been thinking straight, it wasn't all in preflop and he played letting me know I was beaten, I just didn't listen. Teardrop

Screenshot (4445).png

Not a great week overall, down by €30, but it has brought up a few points and set me thinking how to approach this, so I'll leave it at that for now.

Run Good. Thumbs Up







It Is What It Is
GR1ZZL3R Rank 23
Rank 23

There's not been quite as much activity this week with good weather meaning less time glued to the tables, but a little bit of action has helped here and there.

I stayed up late for the billionth hand playing out, it was about three in the morning here, the number of players steadily climbing as the countdown crept nearer, over 500 on the 2-4 cents the last time I checked. I had 8 tables playing, all full, and 2 all ins literally seconds before the big hand, won them both, (very unusual) and within a minute 6 tables had closed as everybody left. I left the other 2 tables, there were only 50 still playing, had seen 16 flops and won a couple of buy ins. Thumbs Up I played the freeroll on friday night and made a few more euros, 63rd out of over a thousand, so all that helps the br.

Screenshot (4481).png   

Rags to Riches is a dead loss. No more to say. Disappointed

I'd won a freebet in the last of the June mini series of community promos so lobbed it on England in the Cricket World Cup, and spent an enjoyable Thursday as they thrashed the Aussies in the semi-final. Sunday brought the most remarkable one day of cricket I've ever seen, a 50 over a side match tied, then still tied after a superover, England only winning on countback of boundaries. Neither side deserved to lose, New Zealand could claim to be slightly unlucky (which they sportingly didn't) and the better team on the day, but I think England were the best team in the overall competition.

Screenshot (4488).png 

Not massive odds, but free is good and it all helps. Smile

So onto the qualifiers. Good news with the return of the UK exchangers, I broke one €50 into tens and used one €50 in the weekly final but no joy.  It's been a bit hit and miss again this week, I just can't seem to get set in a regular routine, not that I want to anyway, but the weeks have a habit of sliding by. I've played too few of the UO satties and it's only a few weeks now to Malta, so they are the ones to concentrate on now.

Screenshot (4490).png 

The total value has gone down again, Teardrop but that will always happen if I play a final without replacing the ticket, the total UO value is going up, no finals played so no big tickets lost. However, time is pressing on that one.

I'm going to try some evening sessions and see how they compare overall, and just continue to try.

Good Luck all. Thumbs Up







It Is What It Is