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MadAdo Rank 16
Rank 16

It is time to sum things-up to all of my fellow-ers:

@GR1ZZL3R, @pinki, @psrquack, @UAC, @FreedoM, @anyone, @Merenitsu, @tatuaj7, @YlarP, @Nestabear, @Bing__, @TTABKATA, @MetalWolf, @Esir, @SCOBY, ... maybe forgot some of you - sorry guys, really no intention from my side so take it no personally this time! Smirk

I was thought about switching to S&G (HU variant) but it seems we already have very solid player(s) there = here my tip/promo:


- as far as I tend to play nano-stakes only (up to 2€ Rofl ) it has no sense anymore anylonger ... we have a streamer and we love it as long as it available - possibility to insight PRO game !!! In Love Heart Thumbs Up

Also playing 5-seat is not my cup of coffee as I'm sometimes very moody ... and we already have couple grinders on the track:


CASH -> I still love playing it (no such time expensive if you want):


and so on, so on, so on ... many very good-interesting-pro challenges/blogs/information available accross the community -> I love it so much!

I realize that most important thing is that I'm playing poker because I love it, not beacause I need to ... and found a 'falling' reason of my story/blog -> the true is, that I became much more greedy and I was too 'money' oriented (kick-off by the "King of flips" promotion - so I play really quite long sessions (I'm not a grinder) -> hundreds of flops each day all 30-40 days long) which obviously lead to loosing money -> because I want them back all ... instead of have some stop, learn and enjoying the game like before ! In this year (couple days only) I play like before - just enjoy game and keep winning money ... hope no stress, no tilts, no gamble anymore Popeye


My best guidelines to beat-up the nano-cash stakes:

  • there is really NO need to double-up each hand you play !!!
  • stay patient, keep folding as long as you didn't hold a very solid hand
  • go for value as long as you meet 'standard' Unibet players which just call any kind of Ax hands all way long
  • let's improve your game! don't underestimate other players - there are probably many better than you - you will probably notice during 'swing times' Smile
  • adjust, adapt, be better, keep smart & smile! ... and run good - play because you love not because you 'should' !!!
Just be ready to learn something from other blogs as well -> Here one such an example:

If you see/meet this guy:


at your cash table -> just run as far away as you can! If you got me on your table during MTT - just hunt me down, no problem with that Geek


Keep you all my fingers crossed and we will see each other at the tables Peace

Bing__ Rank 16
Rank 16

GL @MadAdoPeace

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UAC Rank 12
Rank 12

Great post and thanks for the shoutout Smile BUT there is always room for more blogs and I am sure many would like to read your story/updates should you ever feel like writing them down Smile.

GR1ZZL3R Rank 22
Rank 22

Nice thread @MadAdo I hope you keep it up and settle into what suits you. I'm lucky in the fact I'm not actually playing for the money, it's too late at my time of life to become a superstar, but the game fascinates me all the same and money keeps the score. At times when it feels like a grind I can just stop, and come back later or not,  so there's no pressure, but I'm always on the lookout to improve just that little bit more, so all these threads and more are inspiring. My challenge was done to keep me at it more than normal, so I won't just give up if things don't go smoothly, in that it has been successful so far, and I intend to play the DIRT series (if it ever starts) as a step into more serious tourneys. The thing is to enjoy it, and if you make money that's even better.Smile

Keep on blogging and good luck.Thumbs Up


It Is What It Is